4 Issues a Neck Lift Can Address

As you look into the mirror, you may have noticed that your neck is starting to show signs of aging: jowls, sagging skin, loose neck skin, vertical bands, and horizontal creases on the neck. These aging signs are typically caused by weak tissues and muscles, the loss of the skin’s elastic properties, and of course, family genetics.

The neck has such delicate, fragile skin and soft underlying muscles that it’s often one of the first areas visibly affected by aging and weight loss. Sagging skin, heavy vertical bands, and deep wrinkles are challenging to hide and tend to undermine your self-confidence.

When your neck lift, also known as a platysmaplasty, is expertly performed by renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Brian K. Machida, it will help address the four issues that may be contributing to your the aged appearance of your neck:

What are the 4 Issues a Neck Lift Can Address?

1.     Fat Deposits and Buildup

Over time, fat may form under your chin and around the jowls.

2.     Skin Laxity

Due to gravity, the sagging and drooping of your skin first shows on your neck. A neck lift will help reduce this sagging and tighten loose neck skin and help you appear younger.

3.     Muscle Slackness

With age, the muscles on the sides of your neck tend to lose their elasticity and firmness. A neck lift will help tighten the skin along the neck to bolster its elasticity.

4.     Sub-Muscular Laxity

Tissues beneath the neck muscles tend to droop or sag as we age. A neck lift provides an effective treatment to help minimize this sub-muscular laxity.

What Neck Lift Procedures Are There?

During your initial consultation with renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Brian K. Machida, the following neck lift techniques will be reviewed:

The neck lift can remove that excess skin, tighten the two sheets of muscles that run up and down the neck (platysmal bands), and eliminate excess fat. After a neck lift, you’ll be able to enjoy a more refined profile. A neck lift is frequently done as part of a facelift to complete your youthful look.

Neck liposuction (SMARTLipo) uses advanced laser technology to gently and permanently remove the fat deposits and buildup and sculpt your chin and neck area to restore a healthy, youthful appearance. During the process, a gentle suction is applied to lift and tighten the skin on the neck and throat, providing a more contoured neck.

Renuvion neck lift, a minimally invasive non-surgical neck lift, combines plasma technology and liposuction to help sculpt and lift the neck, targeting a variety of issues, including sagging, drooping skin, crepey skin, deep wrinkles, and heavy bands on the neck.

The Renuvion plasma neck lift can create a more chiseled, sleeker profile by sculpting the neck and removing excess fat.

Preparing For Your Neck Lift

Each neck lift surgery is different, and your consultation with Dr. Machida will help determine which procedure will best suit you. During your consultation, you will learn about all aspects of your neck lift surgery and the results you can expect.

Why Dr. Machida?

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