5 Things to Know Before Your Facial Fat Transfer

Facial volume loss is a common occurrence during the aging process as shifting fat contributes to a gaunt, deflated appearance in the mid-face. Facial fat transfer can bring that youthful fullness back by using your own fat to restore youthful facial contours.

Dr. Brian Machida performs fat transfer with BeautiFILL, an advanced system that combines laser and vacuum technology to improve the fat transfer process. BeautiFILL’s innovative fat extraction and processing ensure that your fat transfer results are smoother and longer lasting than with traditional fat transfer procedures.

Smooth hollows, fade wrinkles, and restore a better version of yourself with BeautiFILL. Ask Dr. Machida if fat grafting is right for you.

Like Dermal Fillers, Only Better

Dermal fillers can create similar results to a fat transfer procedure, but our patients overwhelmingly prefer the ease and convenience of fat transfer. BeautiFILL offers many benefits over dermal fillers including:

  • Longer-lasting results
  • More natural-looking
  • No need for artificial fillers

If you love dermal fillers, fat transfer can extend and enhance your results, making your favorite beauty treatment even better.

Bellafill Is a Good Alternative If You Want to Avoid Surgery

Fat transfer is a surgical treatment. If surgery isn’t right for you, you can achieve similar results with dermal fillers. Most fillers are temporary, but for a longer-lasting option, consider one of Dr. Machida’s favorite injectable products, Bellafill.

Bellafill is a special type of collagen filler that can last for up to five years with a single treatment. Like facial fat grafting, Bellafill produces smooth and natural-looking fullness for the mid-face and cheek areas.

Recovery Is Minimal, But Plan for Some Downtime

Most patients recover quickly after a fat transfer procedure. But it is important to give your body extra rest initially so you can heal.

For a successful recovery, plan some downtime into your schedule so you can rest. With fat transfer on its own, most patients are back to work and many regular activities in a few days and full activity in about a week.

Your Results May Change If Your Weight Does

Fat grafting uses fat cells to volumize and smooth the skin. When you gain weight, your fat cells get bigger. When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink.

Natural fluctuations in fat cells mean that your results can change if your weight does. Dr. Machida recommends remaining at a stable, consistent weight after fat transfer for the best aesthetic results.

You Can Pair Fat Transfer with Other Facial Surgeries

Fat transfer is an ideal complement to many of our facial surgeries. Fat can enhance the results of your facelift by restoring fullness to the cheeks or revitalizing sunken temples after an eyelid lift for a smoother, more youthful forehead.

If you’re planning surgery with Dr. Machida, ask if fat grafting can enhance your results.

Learn More About Inland Empire Fat Transfer

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