5 Top Tips for Gifting Facial Rejuvenation this Holiday Season

May your holidays be beautiful and your smile bright. We’re helping our patients to put beauty into the holiday season with facial rejuvenation treatments, a perfect gift for anyone on your list this year. Men and women, young and old can all appreciate facial rejuvenation treatments at STC Plastic Surgery. 

If you’re going to give the gift of beauty this holiday season, here’s a handful of helpful tips.

Don’t Suggest Treatments Your Loved One Hasn’t Mentioned

Plastic surgery is a highly desired gift. One study found that 27% of women and 20% of men would love to receive a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure as a gift. There are many men and women on your list that are hoping for plastic surgery and a few that don’t want it at all. 

If your loved one hasn’t mentioned a desire for plastic surgery, don’t tell them that they need it. Suggesting a facelift to someone that loves their facial appearance can be insulting and is surely a gift no one wants to receive this year. 

If you know someone that wants plastic surgery, but you’re not sure what they want, the gift of a consultation is ideal. Schedule a visit to your favorite plastic surgeon and let them create a treatment plan together. You can also offer to pay all or a portion of the cost of their procedure if they decide to go through with surgery.

Always Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

You want the best for your loved ones. In plastic surgery, the best is a board-certified plastic surgeon. These surgeons have specialized training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries and have demonstrated their expertise through extensive testing. 

Dr. Machida is double board-certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Get Beautiful Together

Time is a gift you can’t put a price tag on. If you’re giving the gift of plastic surgery, make it a girl’s day out! Come see us for BOTOX®® and the head out to lunch. Since BOTOX® requires no downtime, this treatment can be the cherry on top of a fun day out.

Pre-Pay for Their Favorite Procedure

If someone on your gift list receives cosmetic treatments regularly, they may appreciate a pre-paid treatment. Offer to pay for the next BOTOX® or dermal filler treatment.

Can’t Afford to Give Plastic Surgery? Offer Your Services as a Caregiver

You don’t have to pay for a whole procedure to give the gift of plastic surgery. If someone is planning on a cosmetic treatment soon, the gift of caregiver services could be just what they need. 

Other gifts that can help a loved one after plastic surgery include:

  • Maid services for a month during recovery
  • Gift certificates for favorite meal delivery services
  • Rides to and from surgery and follow-up appointments
  • Dog walking and pet care duties during recovery
  • Babysitting, if needed

A little help and support during recovery usually helps your giftee know that you care and support their journey to rejuvenation.

Next Step

Will you give plastic surgery to any of your friends or loved ones this year? Contact us for help with scheduling or choosing procedures.