Benefits of Getting a Facelift and a Neck Lift at the Same Time

Some things are better together. Take the facelift and the neck lift for example. This powerful duo is one of the best ways to refresh your appearance and look years younger. These two procedures combined produce a better result than either procedure on its own.

Keep reading to learn why a facelift and neck lift are best when done together.

Balance Your Look

Balance is beautiful. When you rejuvenate the face and the neck together, both areas look refreshed. The face and the neck both have a similar skin quality and texture.

When you refresh the face but neglect the neck, your appearance may become uneven. The face may appear smooth and refreshed while the neck gives away your age with wrinkles and creases.

Keep your appearance in balance by adding neck rejuvenation to your facelift.

Rejuvenation that Works Together

Dr. Machida’s deep plane facelift addresses facial aging from the deepest regions of the face. It tightens muscle, tissue, and skin to dramatically refresh the appearance of the lower face. Because the results are so dramatic, it is impossible to separate the face from the neck. By pairing a facelift and neck lift together, Dr. Machida can create seamless results that are far better than could be achieved with a facelift and neck lift performed separately.

Recover Together

One of the most challenging parts of plastic surgery is the recovery process. Dr. Machida’s revolutionary facelift techniques dramatically reduce recovery time, allowing many patients to return to work and other daily activities in about a week. However, a week is still a week.

Since no one wants to spend more time in recovery than necessary, it is wise to combine procedures. By getting a facelift and neck lift together, you can recover from both procedures at the same time. Instead of spending a week resting after your facelift and another week after a neck lift, you can recover from both procedures together, effectively cutting your recovery time in half.

Fewer Trips to the Operating Room

While the risks of plastic surgery are low when you have your procedures performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Machida, there are always risks to surgery. Pairing procedures together means fewer trips to the operating room and less anesthesia—two factors that can make plastic surgery safer.

Only Available as a Combo

Dr. Machida knows that face and neck rejuvenation are best performed together. While many plastic surgeons offer a standalone neck lift, Dr. Machida does not. This procedure is only available in conjunction with his signature facelift.

If you want to refresh your neck, you’ll need to address facial aging too.

Schedule Your Facelift/Neck Lift Combination with Dr. Machida

Face and neck rejuvenation are Dr. Machida’s specialties. Dr. Machida is one of the only plastic surgeons in the Inland Empire to offer the deep plane facelift, one of the most effective and longest-lasting options for facial rejuvenation. If you’re considering facelift surgery, come in for a consultation.

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