Can I Have a Facelift and Laser Resurfacing at the Same Time?

Sagging skin, shifting fat, and skin changes are all part of the aging process. To rediscover a younger-looking you, you need to target each area of facial aging. A facelift is ideal for tightening skin and restoring facial structure, but it can’t address thinning skin or age spots. These issues need laser resurfacing with our powerful fractional laser.

If you’re planning a facelift, ask Dr. Machida if laser treatment should also be included in your rejuvenation plan. A facelift and laser resurfacing can often be performed at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of a Facelift?

A facelift is a rejuvenation treatment that focuses on the lower face. This procedure is performed by tightening facial muscles and supportive tissues, redraping the skin, and removing excess skin.

Benefits that you may experience after facelift surgery include:

  • Dramatic rejuvenation for the lower face
  • Address jowls and loss of definition around the jawline
  • Tighten facial muscles
  • Restore a youthful appearance to the cheeks and mid-face
  • Smooth skin and fade wrinkles around the mouth and nose

Facelifts are versatile and customized to each patient. Dr. Machida uses advanced techniques to significantly lower downtime after this procedure. Many of our patients are back to work in under a week after their facelift procedures.

Why Should I Consider Laser Resurfacing?

Lasers are a high-powered option for resurfacing the skin. Intense energy systematically damages the skin to encourage healing and regeneration. As the skin rebuilds following a laser treatment, it is more youthful and vibrant. Laser treatments can address everything from sun damage to aging.

Benefits of laser resurfacing include:

  • Fade hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Build collagen levels in the skin
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Restore a youthful-looking skin appearance
  • Maintain and extend the results of your facelift treatment
  • Treat aging and sun damage

Laser resurfacing rebuilds the skin from within. Results are long-lasting and can be maintained with an annual follow-up treatment. Our fractional laser treats a fraction of the skin to speed healing and reduce downtime.

Why Pairing Treatments Makes Sense

Downtime is one of the hardest parts of plastic surgery. Life is busy. Who wants to hang in bed while recovering from surgery? Pairing treatments together allows patients to experience the dramatic benefits of plastic surgery with significantly less downtime.

Patients that receive two or more treatments together can recover from all the treatments at the same time. Recovery times are cut in half or more, compared to receiving treatments separately. Combine laser resurfacing with your facelift for double the benefits of plastic surgery and half the recovery time.

Learn More Facial Rejuvenation at STC Plastic Surgery

STC Plastic Surgery is committed to helping its patients maintain a youthful appearance throughout the aging process. We focus on facial aging using the latest techniques to slow and reverse facial aging. If you’re considering facial cosmetic surgery in the Inland Empire, contact Dr. Machida to schedule a consultation and explore your options.

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