Caring for Your Skin Beneath Your Face Mask

Breakouts and masks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your mask traps dirt and oils on the skin and may exacerbate many skin problems and concerns.

Masks are part of our new normal, but problem skin doesn’t have to be. We’re sharing our best tips for caring for your skin beneath your face mask.

Pinpoint Your Skin Problems

Masks can cause a variety of skin concerns- everything from uneven tan lines to breakouts. Take a few minutes to examine your skin and pinpoint those areas where you are struggling. Knowing what’s wrong makes it easier to find a solution.

  • Breakouts – Maskne is a term for face-mask breakouts. Zits, pimples, and blackheads are common complaints after face mask use. To keep breakouts at bay, wash your face often (every time you remove your mask is ideal) and make sure to keep your mask clean.
  • Dry Skin – Masks can absorb the skin’s natural oils, leading to dryness. Moisturize your skin regularly using a rich, creamy moisturizer.
  • Irritation – Masks can rub the skin around the ears and on the nose, leading to irritation and broken skin. Trying a different mask style or switching between mask styles can help ease irritation. Using petroleum jelly or another strong moisturizer, lubricate the skin where your mask rubs.
  • Rashes – Allergic reactions to masks can lead to an uncomfortable rash across exposed areas.

Skin Problems? Try a New Mask Style

When it comes to masks, you’ve got options. There’s no need to stick to a mask style or type if you’re having problems. Many people are allergic to metals, formaldehyde, and other materials used to create face masks. These allergies can create skin rashes- a condition called allergic contact dermatitis.

What mask is best for you? Try some of the most popular face-covering options:

  • Surgical masks
  • Bandanas
  • Homemade fabric masks
  • Commercially made reusable masks
  • N95s

Rotating through a few different masks will give you time to clean masks between uses and find the style and fit that works best for you.

Don’t Forget About Skincare

Has your schedule been thrown off by the chaos and uncertainty of recent times? When you’re working from home and school kids virtually, taking care of your skin may be the last thing on your mind. We know it’s hard to stick to a schedule, but we encourage you to focus on your skincare once again. Small and simple skin care steps can be highly effective if they are done every day.

At a minimum, wash your skin daily and use a moisturizer with SPF. Toners, masks, and serums are helpful if you have a little additional time available. Let us recommend some high-quality skincare products to use at home.

Need Help? We’re Here

We know that some aesthetic concerns need more help than we can offer in a blog post. Our office is open, and we’re available to help you address skin problems and other cosmetic surgery needs. Contact our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to seeing you at STC Plastic Surgery very soon.