Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty: Achieving Facial Harmony

Could chin augmentation enhance the results of your rhinoplasty? If you’re preparing for rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon may recommend a chin augmentation too. Learn how chin surgery and rhinoplasty work together to achieve facial harmony. 

Change Your Nose, Change Your Face

The nose is one of your most prominent facial features. It is in the center of the face and is one of the only features to extend outward. When people look at you, one of the first things they see is your nose. Like a bow on a package, the nose ties your other facial features together. It helps create harmony and balance in your facial appearance. 

Things get tricky when the nose is overly large or prominent. Its centralized location makes it easy for this feature to overtake your appearance. It can become the only thing people notice when they see your face. 

Rhinoplasty surgery brings the nose into balance with your other facial features. This procedure can resize an overly large nose. It can also refine nasal features, like a downturned tip or large dorsal hump, so your nose isn’t the only focal point of your face. 

How Chin Augmentation Improves Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty can dramatically improve facial appearance, but sometimes this procedure needs a little help to achieve optimal results. Enter chin augmentation. 

Many of our rhinoplasty patients have a weak or undefined chin. When the chin is out of balance with the face, it can make the nose look larger. Chin augmentation creates balance with the nose, allowing for smaller, more subtle nasal modifications. 

We use silastic chin implants for chin augmentation. The manufacturers of these implants use biocompatible materials, which means they are safe to use in the body and they will adapt to your jawbone and chin once in place. Chin implants come in many shapes and sizes, allowing us to customize your appearance and add natural-looking shape to your profile. 

Why Pairing Treatments Makes Sense

People often choose to have chin augmentation and rhinoplasty performed at the same time. Patients who need both these surgeries may be able to have them simultaneously, with a single trip to the operating room and only one healing period. 

Consider the benefits of combining these procedures.

  • Enjoy your best look sooner: It takes time to enjoy full results after a plastic surgery procedure. If you were to receive rhinoplasty, fully recover and then schedule a chin augmentation, it could take months to see your improved facial shape. By having both these procedures performed at the same time, you’ll achieve your new look much sooner. 
  • Recover from both surgeries together: Having Dr. Machida do two surgeries in one day can dramatically reduce downtime. You’ll recover from both chin augmentation and rhinoplasty at the same time. With one recovery period, you can enjoy the results from two procedures. 

Achieve facial harmony with a chin augmentation and rhinoplasty combination by Dr. Brian Machida. Contact STC Plastic Surgery in Inland Empire, CA to schedule a consultation or to learn more about your options for facial enhancement.