Don’t Be Fooled! 5 Common Myths About Facelifts

Word of mouth is a useful tool for finding hot new restaurants or the trendiest places to shop, but when it comes to medical advice, your friends may have it wrong. When you want to learn about facelift surgery, your best course is to turn to a plastic surgeon.

As one of the top facial plastic surgery practices in the Inland Empire, we hear facelift myths and misconceptions almost every day. We’re debunking five of the most popular, so you can make an informed choice about facelift surgery.

Have you heard any of these facelift myths?

Only Women Get Facelifts

Facelifts are popular with women, but men love them too. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve the opportunity to age gracefully?

Women still account for most of the facelift procedures performed in the U.S. In 2018, women received 90% of all facelift surgeries, but male facelifts experienced more growth. The total number of rhytidectomies performed on men increased 3% from the year before.

A Facelift Is Your Only Option for Facial Rejuvenation

We love the dramatic transformation a facelift provides, but this surgery isn’t always the best fit. There are many facial rejuvenation procedures, including non-surgical choices like BOTOX® or dermal fillers and surgical treatments like eyelid surgery or a brow lift.

What will work best for your lifestyle and degree of aging? Consult with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon to explore your options for facial rejuvenation.

You’ll Need a Lot of Downtime After Facelift Surgery

Get back to work quickly after your facelift. Dr. Machida’s advanced surgical techniques dramatically reduce the amount of downtime needed after surgery. Most of his patients return to their jobs in only a week to 10 days.

Facelift Results Don’t Look Natural

To ensure your results are soft and natural-looking, not windswept or overdone, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cutting-edge facial surgery.

To maintain your younger appearance without exaggerating your facial features, Dr. Machida uses a few specialized techniques, including:

  • Combining facelift surgery with other facial procedures like brow lift and eyelid surgery
  • Using fat transfer to add volume and smooth hollows on the face
  • Addressing aging in the neck and jowls

Our goal is to enable you to look in the mirror and see you, refreshed through facelift surgery.

I’m Too Young for a Facelift

Why wait for a facelift? If visible signs of aging are starting to bother you, it’s time to start learning about treatment options. For the earliest fine lines and wrinkles, fillers and BOTOX® can be amazingly effective. Patients with moderate aging may benefit from a mini-facelift, a less invasive alternative to facelift surgery.

A mini-lift can smooth nasolabial folds, tighten up minor jowls, and refresh the lower face. The surgery takes about an hour under safer local anesthesia. Getting a mini-lift before aging becomes pronounced may reduce the need for more invasive surgeries later.

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