Double Chin or Turkey Neck? – How Can You Best Improve Them With or Without Surgery?

Many find a double chin or turkey neck to be absolutely embarrassing.  Inland Empire has a sunny, dry climate that contributes to facial aging.  While looking older or less attractive is common, it can lead to unwanted consequences.  Many women say that when they started looking older, they became “invisible.”  People in social situations and at work no longer paid attention to them – even when they offered good ideas.  If your turkey neck or double chin is getting in your way, there are definite steps you can take.  Here’s what I’ve found that works well here in Inland Empire.

Best Options to Improve a Turkey Neck or Double Chin Without Surgery


If your skin is healthy, you’re in your 30s, 40s or early 50s and you’re starting to see a turkey neck develop due to neck banding, BOTOX® could be the right treatment for you.   Vertical neck bands are usually caused by bulging platysma muscles.  BOTOX® injections every 3-4 months will block some of the nerve signals that make them stand out.  This will relax your neck and can really improve your look.

As good as it is, BOTOX® isn’t for everyone.  You’ll need more than BOTOX® if you:

  • Are in your mid-to-late 50s or older
  • Have a double chin
  • Have heavy horizontal neck bands
  • Have loose skin that is less elastic

If this is your situation, here are some of your options and some things you should know about them:


Television ads tout Kybella® as the non-invasive answer for a double chin.  I don’t recommend it.  Kybella® dissolves fat that’s causing your double chin.  Your body will ultimately absorb the fat.  Unfortunately, Kybella® also causes inflammation at the injection site.  This can generate nodules of scar tissue.  These will pull and tighten your neck skin.

At many practices, nurses give Kybella® injections.  But these should be given by highly skilled physicians.  If Kybella® is not injected properly, scar tissue nodules can become larger and more visible.  To get rid of a double chin, most people need 3 Kybella® injections.  Those costs will add up.  And each injection will cause inflammation and redness.  One of the biggest factors in neck aging is loose skin.  Kybella® doesn’t address it.  For these reasons, at STC Plastic Surgery here in Inland Empire, we don’t offer Kybella®.

Neck Liposuction + Renuvion

Neck liposuction removes excess fat cells causing extra fullness in your neck.  It’s the most effective way to treat a double chin.  If you’re relatively young (20s through early 50s) and you have healthy, elastic skin, neck liposuction alone may remove your double chin.

If, though, you have a larger amount of fullness to remove, or your skin no longer has the needed elasticity, you’ll need a way to tighten the loose skin left after neck liposuction.  Renuvion, using J-Plasma technology, is an outstanding way to do it.  First, I’ll administer a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.  Then I’ll insert the Renuvion wand into the small neck liposuction incisions to treat the underside of your neck skin.  The heat from the Renuvion wand will make your skin contract.  The cone of cool helium gas surrounding the electrically charged gas plasma will prevent you from getting too much heat.

Renuvion will immediately firm your loose skin.  And the minor thermal injury it creates will generate collagen production.  This means that your skin will firm up and become more elastic in the weeks following your procedure.  Skin health is important – healthier skin will show greater improvement.  You can read about easy ways to improve your skin health in Can Food Fight Wrinkles and Aging Skin on LookYounger.News.

If you want to eliminate a double chin or turkey neck and your skin has lost elasticity, or you’re older than your mid-50s, you’ll need a neck lift or lower facelift along with neck liposuction to get the results you want.  A neck lift, combined with a lower face lift, if needed, is often your best option.

Surgical Neck Lift – your most effective option 

If my examination makes it clear that your double chin or turkey neck needs more than BOTOX® or neck liposuction (with our without Renuvion), I will recommend a surgical neck lift procedure.  Though about 10 days of downtime is required, a neck lift is the single best way to make your neck look years younger.

I often begin by removing excess fat with neck liposuction.  Then I’ll make small, easy to hide incisions in front of your ears and under your chin.  Using those, I’ll tighten up the platysma muscle in the center and sides of your neck.  This will make it look much smoother and gets rid of the V look many people find behind their turkey neck.  Finally, I’ll tighten your skin and remove the excess you no longer need.

Adding a lower facelift to your neck lift can give you the best possible results. 

If you have a lot of loose skin, this is particularly true.  Using the same incisions, I can tighten your jawline, eliminating any jowls.  At the same time, I can smooth out any marionette lines that have appeared between the corners of your mouth and your jaw.  The great results you’ll get from a lower facelift plus a neck lift will last for years.

You don’t need to feel self-conscious because of a turkey neck or double chin any longer.  Effective methods to eliminate them are available.  BOTOX® can really help a turkey neck if you’re young.  Neck liposuction can get rid of a double chin, especially if combined with Renuvion.  If you’re in your mid-50s and your neck aging is more advanced, a neck lift will give you great results.  That is especially true if you combine it with a lower facelift.

You can have a younger-looking neck right now.  Why not come in for a free private consultation to find out the best options for your personal needs.