Excess Neck Fat – Inland Empire’s Best Solutions

Do you have neck fat you’d like to reduce or eliminate? You’re not alone. Many have put on weight as a result of working from home during the pandemic. Business Wire reported on a recent Lindora survey that, according to Lindora’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Amy Lee, Southern Californians carry more stress and more weight than usual. Excess neck fat is a symptom of this that’s hard to hide.

Unfortunately, too much neck fat can cause more significant problems than a double chin and a poorly defined jawline. It can reduce your airway and increase the risk of sleep apnea. The long-running Framingham Heart Study revealed another danger: neck fat, in particular, increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease in men and especially in women.

Excess neck fat and a double chin can harm more than your looks— they can harm your health.

Kybella® – is it the Right Solution for You?

TV commercials and print ads recommend Kybella®. I don’t. Here’s why: Kybella® treats your double chin by dissolving fat so that your body can absorb it. That sounds good, but there are some caveats. Nurses often inject Kybella®, but these shots require a skilled physician. If not done just right, Kybella® shots can cause injection site inflammation. This produces nodules of scar tissue. They will tighten and even pull your skin. Additionally, these nodules may become larger and difficult to hide.

Kybella® often requires three injections to reduce your double chin noticeably. The cost of these shots can really add up, and each one will cause inflammation and redness. If you have loose neck muscles—a common cause of neck aging—Kybella® won’t help that problem either. For these reasons, we don’t offer Kybella® at STC Plastic Surgery.

Dealing with Neck Fat in Your 20s and 30s

In your 20s and 30s, your skin is often still healthy and elastic.  So, if you have too much neck fat, removing it may be all you need to substantially improve your appearance. Often, most or all of the fat is just below your skin.  If that’s true of you, neck liposuction is your best option.

We’ll start by numbing the area with a safer local anesthetic, perhaps adding oral sedation. You can see why this is a better, safer method in “How to Make a $16,000 Beverly Hills-Quality Facelift Cost Much Less” on lookyounger.news. We’ll make minimal incisions under your chin and in front of your ears as needed. When we’re finished, you’ll have a slimmer, better-looking neck.

If Excess Neck Fat Covers your Chin and Jawline

At times, fat deposits can actually start to cover your jawline and much of your chin. This means that fat is being deposited, not just under your skin, but under your platysma muscles as well. Because your neck contains some very important structures, streamlining your neck will require more than just neck liposuction. Your trachea, through which you breathe, and blood vessels that supply oxygen to your brain are all under your platysma muscles. Your muscles protect these vital structures.

Liposuction works well for fat below your skin but above your platysma muscles. However, it’s just not safe to mechanically suck fat out from under the muscles since the structures there are vital to your life. This requires a surgical procedure.

Here’s how it works: Your surgeon will first make a small incision under your chin and remove fat under the skin with liposuction. They will make another incision in the membrane that covers your platysma muscles, between them, and surgically remove the fat underneath them. Your surgeon will then tighten the muscles on the center and on both sides of your neck. Lastly, they’ll remove any loose skin.

You’ll have a more attractive, slimmer neck and a better-looking chin and jawline.

Treating Too Much Neck Fat in Your 40s and Early 50s

If you’re in your 40s and early 50s, you may not have fat covering your jaw and chin but still want to eliminate excess neck fat. What can you do? Starting in your 40s, you may have not only too many fat cells under your skin but also have lax neck muscles. It will take both liposuction and a neck lift to get the streamlined look you want.

Your surgeon will start with neck liposuction. Then, using small incisions, they will tighten up your muscles and get rid of loose skin.  The result will be a younger-looking, slimmer neck.

Treating Extra Neck Fat from your Mid-50s On

Once you reach your mid-50s, sagging skin in your lower face and jawline often appear along with extra neck fat. Some people’s anatomy makes them prone to this when they’re younger. If you find jowls, deepening nasolabial folds, or marionette lines forming, you’ll need to add a lower facelift to your neck lift.

You’ll be glad you did.

That lower facelift will eliminate your jowls and marionette lines, soften your nasolabial folds (laugh lines), and eliminate excess neck fat. You’ll have a face and neck that look naturally more attractive and years younger.

Treating Extra Neck Fat – Inland Empire Downtime Advantage

You may already realize you can get a Beverly Hills-quality facelift for much less in Inland Empire. One advantage you can find here may be your downtime. Some seemingly small innovations can speed healing and reduce your downtime. You can learn more in the LookYounger news article, “Facial Plastic Surgery Innovations Lead to the Best Facelift Results.”

You should recover from a neck lift, with or without a lower facelift, in just 7-10 days.  Sticking to the right healing strategies can speed up the process.  If you’re now working from home, why not take advantage of the opportunity to improve your looks before you start seeing colleagues and clients in-person again?  You can enjoy economic and emotional advantages, as you’ll read in “Is Now the Best Time for a Facelift?”  If you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror, why not fix it now?

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