Facelift Inflation—Does Looking Younger for Years Have to Cost a Fortune in Inland Empire?

Inflation has become part of our daily lives. While we hear that inflation is easing, we keep seeing higher prices. Now, we see that facial plastic surgery prices are surging. However, the procedures haven’t changed over the last three years. The research-proven benefits of looking younger—increased popularity, better job prospects, more credibility, and higher pay—haven’t changed. But the prices certainly have. People still want to look younger and more attractive, but facelifts, rhinoplasties, and blepharoplasties cost a lot more in many places. Why? Let’s explore the reasons.

What’s Fueling Facelift Inflation?

The New York Times recently published an article titled, “And Now, the $200,000 Face-Lift.” One prominent New York City facial plastic surgeon is actually charging that much for a comprehensive facelift. But he’s not alone. The Times article speaks of a plastic surgeon who operates in Los Angeles and Chicago whose basic facelift costs $50,000 and charges “well into six figures for a more extensive procedure.” It also quotes a facial plastic surgeon whose facelift costs $40,000 to $50,000 in Beverly Hills.

You can certainly find board-certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons who perform outstanding facelifts at reasonable rates. So, how do some famous surgeons justify charging exorbitant prices?

“It’s a little like the label on clothes, or if the price of the wine is more, it’s better,” said one Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon quoted in The New York Times article. “Is facial surgery worth the super-high tariff? Only the consumer can decide that.”

A facelift is like “commissioning an artist to make a very beautiful painting for you…At first blush, it may seem like a big number, but I think of this as a question of value, not of cost….Your face is your job, it’s your love life, it’s your identity,” according to a Manhattan plastic surgeon quoted in The Times who charges up to $200,000 for a facelift.

Research shows that many assume that a higher price means a better product or procedure. It’s one of the reasons people spend more on the same product with a famous label. And please don’t get me wrong—if you can afford to hire a celebrity plastic surgeon and pay their astronomical prices, I’m sure you’ll get a good facelift. But the fact is that you don’t have to pay such high rates to get great results.

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Do You Have to Pay a High Price to Get an Outstanding Facelift or Blepharoplasty?

No, you don’t. As I discussed in my article “How to Make a $27,000 Beverly Hills-Quality Facelift Cost Much Less,” published at LookYounger.News, it’s certainly possible to get an outstanding facelift without paying an exorbitant price. The first way is to get your facelift in Inland Empire. Essentially, you want to choose a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has performed many facelifts with good results—anywhere in the US that’s not an extremely affluent community.

I was amazed to learn that in wealthy Orange County, surgeons are charging upwards of $17,000 for the same blepharoplasty procedure for which I charge $6,000. A natural-looking but limited SMAS facelift in Orange County costs $17,000 or more whereas I charge $10,000. In fact, the same full Deep Plane facelift for which Beverly Hills and Manhattan surgeons ask $50,000 or more costs $13,000 to $16,000 at STC Plastic Surgery. Why is there such a difference?

Do these expensive surgeons have more experience? I’ve performed more than 6,000 facelifts. That’s the equivalent of doing 5 facelifts a week, every week without a break for more than 23 years! Do they have higher qualifications? I taught facial plastic surgery for years at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. In fact, the surgeons I trained could now be working at those high-priced celebrity practices.

A little facelift inflation is understandable. Surgical supplies and medications cost a little more now. Labor rates are about the same. So why are facelift prices rising so dramatically? Could it be because people expect to pay more now? Are some highly skilled surgeons motivated by something in addition to their desire to help their patients?

Can You Beat Facelift Inflation and Get Terrific Results in Inland Empire?

Here, I offer three key factors that can help you get a younger look that lasts for years at a price you can afford.

1. Location, Location, Location

One key to getting great facelift results for less is where you have your procedure. As you’ll see in “Facelift Abroad—Are the Savings Worth the Risks?” on LookYounger.News, I’m certainly not in favor of going south of the border for facial plastic surgery. But as you can read above, if you don’t want to pay a premium price for a good facelift, avoid places like Beverly Hills and New York City.

In affluent locations or plastic surgery meccas, even a good surgeon who’s not a celebrity costs more. Staffing rates and office rent are a lot higher there. If you want a high-quality procedure without a high price, look for a board-certified, highly experienced, skilled facial plastic surgeon in a location with a reasonable cost of living. High-quality facelifts often cost less where expenses are lower. Inland Empire is a good example of that kind of place.

2. Your Surgeon’s Experience

A board-certified facial plastic surgeon with lots of experience should provide better facelift results. There’s a reason for the saying “practice makes perfect.” But how does experience cut your costs? It shortens the time your surgeon can comfortably complete your procedure. When you’ve performed hundreds or even thousands of facelifts, there’s not much you can see that you haven’t seen many times before. And if something unusual occurs, an experienced surgeon knows exactly what to do. You can work efficiently without rushing.

Plastic surgeons who perform fewer facelifts each year often prefer to work more slowly. If something unexpected occurs, they may need more time to decide how to overcome that challenge and provide good results. But the surgical setting is one of the many places where “time is money.” Surgical suites and staff charge by the hour. So, the more time your surgeon sets aside for your procedure, the more you will pay for it.

A highly experienced surgeon can often perform an excellent facelift in about 90 minutes. That allows them to charge significantly less than a surgeon who plans to do the same procedure in three hours.

3. The Type of Anesthesia Used for Your Facelift

Finally, the anesthesia used in your procedure can make a big difference in the price you pay for your facelift. General anesthesia and IV sedation allow your surgeon to take their time. But as we’ve already mentioned, taking their time causes them to take more of your money. And it could tip you off that they lack the experience level that would permit them to take less time.

As you may have seen on 60 Minutes or read in newspapers like The Los Angeles Times, general anesthesia administered in a doctor’s office can be dangerous. It’s also more expensive. Many states require that a licensed anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist be present to monitor your safety under anesthesia. A local hospital must be kept ready if complications arise. Both considerable costs are added to your facelift price.

Nowadays, many surgeons prefer IV sedation, such as propofol. Patients under propofol wake up feeling good, which improves their surgical experience. But propofol has its own dangers. A New York state medical board called Joan Rivers’ death a “predictable complication” of using propofol. Like general anesthesia, many states require that a licensed anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist monitor your vital signs during surgery. Your facelift cost will include their charges.

I worked for a large practice that pioneered the use of local anesthesia plus oral sedation. You won’t feel a thing, and you’ll sleep safely through your procedure. One expert called this, “the safest method available.” It also costs a lot less, which allows your surgeon to cut your price.

How to Get the Results You Want Without Facelift Inflation

Can you really look younger and more attractive without paying a king’s ransom? The answer is yes, but it may take some work. First, search for a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or a plastic surgeon who focuses on the face and neck. Look in communities that are not overly wealthy or known as plastic surgery meccas.

When checking with surgeons you find, ask which procedure they’d recommend. If you agree, find out how many of those surgical procedures, such as SMAS or Deep Plane facelifts, they have done—especially recently. Look at their before and after photos for that specific procedure. Then discuss the price. If you’re not satisfied with their record, recommendation, results, or rates, keep looking.

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