Fat Grafting Made Easier with BeautiFILL!

Discover your own personal fountain of youth. The secret to ageless beauty isn’t lost or hidden in a secret jungle; it is right inside of your own body. Fat holds the key to retaining youthful shape and fullness in the face. Fat grafting allows us to transfer fat into the face to slow the signs of aging and revitalize facial appearance.

Traditionally, fat grafting has been a complex and challenging process, but modern innovation has made it easier. BeautiFILL streamlines the fat grafting process to improve results. The secret to youthful beauty is fat and with BeautiFILL, using that fat to rejuvenate is easier than ever.

How BeautiFILL Makes Fat Grafting Better

BeautiFILL improves the fat grafting process. It uses laser energy to liquefy fat cells at the extraction site and a closed system vacuum to carefully extract and package fat for implantation.

  • Increased Cell Survival – BeautiFILL is gentler on your fat cells than traditional fat grafting methods. This gentle approach minimizes damage to the cells and increases cell survival. Traditional fat grafting has a cell survival rate of 50-70%; BeautiFILL bumps average survival rates to 95%.
  • More Predictable Results – When a significant number of fat cells are lost during the transfer process, it can be challenging to create a consistent result. Since BeautiFILL significantly reduces damage to the fat cells, patients retain most of the transferred fat. This allows us to transfer the desired amount of fat and create consistent, predictable results.
  • Cleaner, Safer Procedure – BeautiFILL is a closed system, which means that your fat cells aren’t exposed to air or outside contaminants. We find our patients have lower complication rates and faster recovery times with BeautiFILL.
  • Longer-Lasting Results – Our patients enjoy long-lasting results from BeautiFILL. Most patients enjoy results for many years after treatment.

If you’re planning a fat grafting procedure, make sure it is BeautiFILL.

What Facial Areas Can Fat Grafting Treat?

Fat grafting can revitalize the appearance of the entire face. Volume loss, facial hollows, and sunken areas can be restored to a more youthful appearance using fat. Some of our most popular treatment areas include:

  • Hollows under the eyes
  • Facial wrinkles and creases, including forehead creases and nasolabial folds
  • Sunken temples
  • Volume loss along the jawline
  • Deflated, gaunt cheeks

Anywhere dermal fillers are used, fat can be used. Fat grafting offers a longer-lasting result than fillers without the need for synthetic compounds.

Fat grafting can be performed on its own but is often paired with surgical procedures like a facelift. Adding fat to your facelift can soften contours and create a more natural-looking, realistic result.

I’m Interested in Fat Grafting with BeautiFILL. How Do I Learn More?

Fat grafting with BeautiFILL can improve your results from fat grafting and restore a youthful appearance without surgery or fillers. Learn more about fat grafting by contacting Dr. Brian Machida at STC Plastic Surgery. The secret to a more youthful appearance if your extra fat. Call us at (800) 303-9541 to learn more or get started.