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When the economy is uncertain, it’s easy to feel that you can’t afford a facelift right now. Some banks have failed. Companies are considering layoffs. Inflation is still high. It might seem odd that I’m talking about how to afford your best facelift in Inland Empire. But, at times like this, there are good reasons to take steps to look your best.

For 50 years, researchers have examined the effect your looks have on your career. A human resources publication from Ivy League Cornell University summarized the results:

“Given the high-stakes nature of job acquisition, many researchers have asked, for example, whether attractive job candidates are more likely to be hired than their peers. Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes. […] Furthermore, physically attractive job candidates are also offered higher starting salaries than their less attractive peers.”

Newsweek reported in “The Beauty Advantage: How Looks Affect Your Work, Your Career, Your Life”:

“Fifty-seven percent of hiring managers told Newsweek that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job, while more than half advised spending as much time and money on ‘making sure they look attractive’ as on perfecting a résumé. […] Asked to rank employment attributes in order of importance, meanwhile, managers placed looks above education.”

Hiring managers actually ranked looks higher than education! At a time like this, when companies want to hire younger workers, those aged from 40 to 60 might ask, can I afford to look less than my best?

Can you get your best facelift in Inland Empire at a price you can afford? Yes! So, how can surgeons provide a better facelift at a better price? How do you locate that kind of surgeon?

Can You Find and Afford Your Best Facelift in Inland Empire?

When looking for an affordable facelift, many prospective patients resort to a plastic surgery vacation south of the border. However, as you can see in the news and in my LookYounger.News article, “Facelift Abroad – Are the Savings Worth the Risks?”, you can face more dangers and get lower quality care than you bargained for. You can get an outstanding, much safer procedure right here in Inland Empire without having to pay an arm and a leg. How is that possible?

Location makes a big difference. Metro Los Angeles has many high-quality plastic and facial plastic surgeons. But their office locations can make a significant difference to the rates they charge. Beverly Hills, for example, caters to celebrities and the wealthy. Surgeons with offices there must pay higher rent, and their staff demand higher wages. In turn, these surgeons charge higher prices.

For instance, a deep plane facelift that costs $27,000 to $80,000 in Beverly Hills or Manhattan (NYC) may cost as little as $15,000 to $16,500 in Inland Empire. These procedures are both performed by experienced board-certified facial plastic or plastic surgeons. Both procedures achieve outstanding results that can last for 10 years or more. So, doesn’t it make sense to go where the rates for excellent work are naturally lower?

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Safe, Cost-Saving Methods Lower the Price of Your Best Facelift

As I outlined in “How to Make a $27,000 Beverly Hills-Quality Facelift Cost Much Less” and “Want the Best Facelift? Small Innovations Can Improve Your Results”, there are steps a facial plastic surgeon can take to reduce your costs AND improve your results. The “Small Innovations” article also highlights ways your surgeon can improve your healing, an important way to maximize your results.

One innovation emphasized in the “Beverly Hills-Quality Facelift” article is using local anesthesia plus oral sedation. The Past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery called this “the safest method available.” Consider: dentists use lidocaine every day without issues. In contrast, Joan Rivers’ death was attributed to the popular IV sedative Propofol.

The State of Florida examined 600,000 surgical procedures performed in doctors’ offices. They attributed many serious problems to the use of general anesthesia or IV sedation, but none to local anesthesia plus oral sedation. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published “The Wild West: Patient Safety in Office-Based Anesthesia.” It highlighted cases like these:

  • A 27-year-old woman from Alabama died from respiratory failure shortly after returning home from office-based breast augmentation. Her death was attributed to effects of sedation administered during the procedure.
  • A 28-year-old woman from Virginia Beach, Virginia developed malignant hyperthermia during office anesthesia for breast augmentation. No dantrolene [an established treatment drug] was available in the office setting. By the time she was transferred to an emergency department, her temperature was 107 degrees. She subsequently died.

It’s clear how local anesthesia plus oral sedation is safer. How does it also cut costs? Because surgeons who use general anesthesia or Propofol for in-office surgeries are required to have a licensed anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist on your surgical team solely to control your anesthesia and monitor your vital signs. They must keep a local hospital on alert. You must pay both the hospital fee and the anesthesiologist or nurse’s fee.

Those extra safety steps are not needed or required if you have local anesthesia plus an oral sedative to help you sleep through your facelift. You save money.

Not every facial plastic surgeon has the experience needed to use local anesthesia. To avoid any possible problems, surgeons often administer no more lidocaine than will last for 2 hours or so. After performing 6,000 facelifts in my career, I can do a full, deep plane facelift within that time limit without hurrying. Colleagues with high levels of experience can do that, too. But surgeons who have not performed hundreds or thousands of facelifts may not feel as confident in their ability to do the procedure in 2 hours. General anesthesia or IV sedation agents like Propofol require more costly supervision, but it provides surgeons the luxury of more time to complete the procedure. Unfortunately, you pay the difference.

You Can Afford Your Best Facelift with a High Value Surgeon

As the research shows, your face has real value. What you really want is to look younger and better for years at a cost you can manage. You can’t get that option from every facial plastic or plastic surgeon, so it’s important to choose the right one.

A “surgeon to the stars” can perform a great facelift. But can you afford the prices that the wealthy and famous pay? New or inexperienced surgeons can save you money. You may get good results, but if they’re not prepared for something in your anatomy or condition, will you get the great new look you want? Quite possibly not.

Any facelift that doesn’t truly improve your looks costs too much. You can receive real value from a talented, experienced facial plastic surgeon who charges affordable rates. It’s far better to pay a little more for a good facelift than to pay less for disappointing results.

A high-value surgeon is a board-certified specialist with extensive experience performing the procedure you want. For a great facelift, you’ll want a surgeon who is board-certified in facial plastic or plastic surgery. Since many plastic surgeons primarily perform cosmetic procedures on the body, you’ll need one who specializes in procedures of the face and neck. Facial plastic surgeons do that by definition.

Inspect the surgeon’s Before and After photos for facelifts. Look for people with facial aging similar to your own. How did their facelifts turn out? That’s a clue to what this surgeon can do for you. Just remember, choosing a plastic surgeon with great breast lift results or a facial plastic surgeon who performs an excellent rhinoplasty doesn’t guarantee a great facelift.

Choosing the Best Facelift Financing

Most facial plastic and plastic surgeons provide financing options. Interest-free credit card offers, if you can find one, will cost you even less. The Forbes Advisor, Nerd Wallet, and other websites recommend several options that could work out well.

It’s not profitable or enjoyable to not like the face you see in the mirror. While finding the right board-certified, highly experienced facial plastic surgeon takes some homework, it’s not that difficult. If you’re in Inland Empire, feel free to come in for your free evaluation at STC Plastic Surgery in Ontario, CA.

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