How Much Less Can a $16,000 Beverly Hills-Quality Facelift Cost in Inland Empire?

Anyone who’s considering a facelift wants attractive, natural-looking results.  Because of the economic fallout from COVID-19, virtually everyone wants to make sure it’s affordable.  It’s a proven fact that an attractive face can help you get, advance in and keep a good job. But how much does an outstanding facelift cost?  Inland Empire rates are normally less than Beverly Hills rates.  After all, Beverly Hills has surgeons who are famous for their skill.  But did you know that the right surgeon using the right technique can provide a Beverly Hills-quality facelift in Inland Empire (and other places throughout the US) for about half the cost?  Want to know how?

Greater experience can help surgeons lower facelift cost

Just like athletes and musicians, the more surgeons perform a certain procedure, the better results they get.  Experts often urge people who want cosmetic procedures to seek board-certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons with lots of experience in those procedures.

The highly respected Dr. Malcolm Paul, past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, worked with me at the same large facial plastic surgery practice.  It was a rare opportunity to gain valuable experience, working with and learning from some truly outstanding surgeons.

Over the years, some of us completed thousands of facelifts.  I’ve performed over 4,000.  One of our Regional Medical Directors has done more than 5,000!  Dr. Paul explained the value of the experience we gained in performing so many facelifts:

Becoming really good at Cosmetic Surgery does not come from performing 100 different operations once.  Rather, real skill in Cosmetic Surgery comes from performing a variation of one operation hundreds of times.

As Dr. Paul points out, greater experience produces better surgeons.  They also become more efficient, doing better-quality work in a shorter period of time.  This is another benefit of working with a surgeon who has a lot of experience:  Greater experience produces greater efficiency.  And, as every businessperson knows, greater efficiency produces lower costs.

Here’s how this can lower your facelift cost in Inland Empire (and anywhere else).  No two patients are exactly alike.  Because of this, during the procedure different challenges can present themselves.  These are caused by your particular facial structure, blood vessels, muscles, underlying tissues and skin.  Surgeons have to make adjustments for these as they go along.  Those who don’t have a great deal of experience may end up performing your procedure with less efficiency.  You can find more details in “Why experience makes such a difference in facial plastic surgery results.“  You can find it at www.LookYounger.News.

However, when you’ve had the opportunity to gain an unusually high level of experience and perform thousands of facelifts, as my colleagues across the country and I have, you can proceed much more efficiently without rushing.  There are few problems that we haven’t seen and successfully solved many times.  We might finish the same high-quality facelift that takes some surgeons three hours in about half that time.  Is the procedure really as good?  It’s as good or better.  Compare our Before and After photos and see for yourself!  Mine are on this site.

Outstanding results and a safer facelift at a lower cost in Inland Empire

One colleague, outstanding Sacramento-area plastic surgeon Dr. Arnold Almonte explained in “Plastic Surgery: Maximizing Safety with Local Anesthesia” that using local anesthetics plus oral sedation provides a safer facelift.  You’ll sleep comfortably through your procedure.  This method, though, requires a high level of experience.  Local anesthetics wear off starting at about two hours.  If you’ve performed thousands of facelifts, you can work comfortably and efficiently within this time period without rushing.

Not everyone has the unusual level of experience needed for this.  Many plastic surgeons perform procedures on the entire body.  They average less than 25 facelifts a year.  Most prefer to operate with a longer time period.  Using general or I.V. anesthesia permits them to do this.

Unfortunately, studies reveal that complications, even serious ones, occur far more often with general or I.V. anesthesia.  Additional staff is required to monitor you and avoid problems during your procedure.  That costs money, which will be added to your bill.

If you’ve taken business courses in college, you’ve also probably learned Parkinson’s Law:

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Any surgeon using I.V. or general anesthesia has the luxury of taking their time to finish your facelift.  Naturally, most will proceed deliberately.  Your procedure may take much longer.  Surgical facilities and staff bill by the hour.  So, you will pay more.

Can you get outstanding results AND a lower facelift cost in Inland Empire?

Most of the time “you get what you pay for”- but not always.  Facial plastic surgeons with exceptional levels of experience can provide outstanding results at a facelift cost that may be half of what they charge for the same procedure in Beverly Hills.  Don’t get me wrong – paying a high price for a facelift from a famous surgeon or practice will often get you a great new look.

However, in this economy, people are understandably looking for real value – the best facelift results for the most reasonable facelift cost.  Paying more often gets you superior work – but not always.

The right surgeon can lower your facelift cost AND provide outstanding results.  Doing your homework can save you thousands.  Look for a plastic or facial plastic surgeon with lots of experience, performing hundreds or even thousands of facelifts.  Then find out if they offer local anesthetics plus oral sedation.  With a little effort, you may just find a surgeon who can lower your facelift cost AND provide you with outstanding results.  A great new look doesn’t have to come at a high price.  Visit us at STC Plastic Surgery in Ontario and you’ll see what I mean.