How to Prepare Your Child for Successful Otoplasty

As a parent, your job is to act as your child’s guide as you help them navigate complicated life situations. Facing otoplasty surgery isn’t something you and your child do every day, so you may be unsure how to prepare your child for their upcoming procedure. 

Our caring and helpful staff are available if you have questions or need personalized advice as you get ready for your child’s otoplasty procedure. Here, our team at STC Plastic Surgery would like to provide some basic steps you can take if you are considering otoplasty surgery for your child.

Give Your Child Information

Information is power. Dr. Brian K. Machida is passionate about educating his patients and that means both parent and child. During the consultation and pre-operative visits, Dr. Machida will meet with both you and your child, providing detailed information.

Parents can participate in this education too. Talk with your child about their surgery. Tell them what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Talk to them about the feelings and sensations they may experience and help them understand how to get help if they feel nervous or uncomfortable.

Answer Questions

When preparing for surgery, questions are inevitable, even when you’re six. If your child has questions, answer them if you can. If you don’t know the answer, contact us. Your child’s questions may be different than the ones that you have, but they are essential in helping your child feel comfortable and confident going into surgery.

Make Sure Your Child Is Ready for Surgery

Surgery is much more successful when your child is physically and mentally ready. 

  • Physically – We typically wait to perform ear surgery until the ear is fully developed and close to full size. Most patients are physically ready for this procedure around age five or six. Your child should be physically healthy.  
  • Emotionally – Emotional readiness is vital for a successful surgery too. Emotional development occurs on a different timeline than physical readiness. Many children will be emotionally prepared for surgery around age five, but some children will need more time. 

A consultation with Dr. Machida will help you determine if your child is ready for cosmetic ear surgery.

Prep Your Home for Recovery

After otoplasty, it’s time for snuggles and cuddles, not errands. Do a little preparation before surgery day so you can spend time with your child as they recover. 

Here are some easy ways to prepare:

  • Stock Up on Groceries – Some children feel slightly nauseous after anesthesia. Have a few mild foods like broth, bananas, and crackers on hand to soothe upset tummies. You may want to pick up a few of your child’s favorite foods too. 
  • Fill Prescriptions – If your child will need prescription medication, pick up the prescriptions in advance if you can. 
  • Have Entertainment Ready – Keeping your little one entertained when they can’t run around can be a challenge. Have favorite shows, puzzles, and books ready. 

If you want to learn more, we invite you to call (800) 303-9541 to schedule an otoplasty consultation with Dr. Machida for you and your child.