How Will My Deep-Plane Facelift Age Over Time?

The deep-plane facelift offers the longest-lasting results of any other facelift technique. By targeting the mid-face, this cosmetic surgery minimizes nasolabial folds and reaches deeper layers of the facial tissue and muscle to deliver a more dramatic improvement.

What Is a Deep-Plane Facelift?

A deep-plane facelift is a plastic surgery Dr. Machida offers to reposition the underlying facial structures that affect your appearance with age. Compared to traditional facelift techniques, like the SMAS facelift, the deep-plane technique provides a more extensive surgical correction.

A deep-plane facelift is effective for the mid-face area, especially the nasolabial folds. The penetration into facial tissue produces longer-lasting benefits, though with significant recovery time. In addition, the cosmetic surgery creates a holistic facial rejuvenation.

What Results Can I Expect From a Deep-Plane Facelift?

While nothing can halt your natural aging process, you will always look younger after a deep-plane facelift than your peers who did not get this surgery. Facelifts offer significant facial and neck enhancements lasting for 10 to 15 years.

A deep-plane facelift offers multiple benefits.

Fat Redistribution

As you age, your facial structure will change due to a decrease in skin elasticity, a reduction in collagen, and other factors. A deep-plane facelift allows Dr. Machida to enhance facial structures by redistributing fat, restoring volume to the mid-face region.

Smoother Skin

During the natural aging process, hormonal changes and a loss of critical nutrients result in skin wrinkling. A deep-plane facelift allows Dr. Machida to restore skin tightness and smooth facial contours without creating an unnatural, “windblown” appearance.

Improved Confidence

Self-confidence plays a critical role in your overall health and well-being. Discovering the first signs of aging can be alarming. A deep-plane facelift allows you to regain self-confidence by restoring your facial beauty and self-esteem. 

Younger Look

A deep-plane facelift can help you look more than five years younger, with results lasting approximately five years longer than traditional facelift techniques.

Request a Deep-Plane Facelift Consultation

A deep-plane facelift is a cosmetic procedure designed to restore your self-esteem with a smoother, wrinkle-free facial complexion. If you’d like to look younger and more vibrant, make consulting with Dr. Machida the first step in your aesthetic journey.

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