Improving Lines and Wrinkles in Inland Empire – What’s Best for Your Face – Microneedling, Laser or Renuvion?

Once you’ve reached the age of 35, you may start to worry about new developments when you look in the mirror – lines and wrinkles. Inland Empire has a climate notorious for promoting facial aging.
You may not yet need a facelift. But you want to get rid of or reduce those wrinkles and lines. You’ve no doubt heard that lasers can give you a great new look. But you also wonder about newer treatments like microneedling and Renuvion. Or perhaps you have an olive complexion or darker skin and heard lasers can cause discoloration. Would one of these other therapies work better? What’s the best treatment for your lines and wrinkles?

Over the years, I’ve successfully treated a lot of lines and wrinkles in Inland Empire. I want to always recommend therapies that make sense for my patients. The best treatment in the world makes little sense for you if you can’t possibly afford it. In this blog, I’d like to show you what experience has taught me are the line and wrinkle-reducing therapies that provide my patients superior value – the best results at an affordable cost.

Reducing lines and wrinkles – the basic strategy

If you want to reduce lines and wrinkles without surgery, you must boost collagen and elastin production. Collagen provides “scaffolding” on which healthy skin is built. Collagen fibers anchor skin in place and can prevent it from becoming loose. Elastin keeps your skin firm and elastic. Virtually every non-surgical facial rejuvenation method works by stimulating production of these important proteins.

Your diet plays a key role in collagen and elastin production. According to The Cleveland Clinic, you can get the amino acids you’ll need from fish, chicken, beef, eggs, dairy products and beans. Converting them into collagen and elastin requires vitamin C, copper and zinc.

Citrus fruits, strawberries, red, yellow and green bell peppers, broccoli, greens and tomatoes are great sources for vitamin C. Nuts, whole grains, beans and shellfish are rich in copper and zinc. Studies reveal that another nutrient, flavanol, can really enhance the quality of your skin. Top flavanol sources include natural (not Dutch or alkali processed) cocoa, green tea and red wine (in moderation). All these foods can provide enjoyable meals while maximizing the great results you can get from the treatments outlined here.

Microneedling: Option 1 for acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles (including darker complexions)

Younger people with generally healthy skin are prime candidates for microneedling. It can improve many skin issues for people with light and dark complexions, like fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Microneedling treats rather than removes damaged skin. So, while it doesn’t correct deeper lines and wrinkles like ablative lasers, it can successfully treat less extreme skin conditions while avoiding the downtime and discomfort seen with many laser therapies. Research of microneedling conducted under a qualified doctor’s supervision demonstrates that it can genuinely improve damaged skin.

Conditions include scarring, acne scars, stretch marks and fine lines and wrinkles. It does not discolor you skin like other treatments. It’s often the best option for people with darker complexions.

Studies revealed that, done right, microneedling can raise your collagen and elastin levels by 400 percent. To achieve these results, the microneedles must enter your skin at a 90° angle and reach lower skin levels. Collagen fibers form, not in the parallel pattern of scar tissue, but in the matrix pattern of healthy skin. You usually see results after 4 or 5 sessions.

“You get what you pay for” with microneedling

We’ve all heard, “You get what you pay for.” That is certainly true with microneedling. Choosing the right place that uses the right device can make a big difference. Research that demonstrated good results from microneedling was done at physicians’ offices or med spas supervised by qualified doctors. Trying to save money with a discount spa or at-home microneedling can lead to disappointment – or worse.

An article in JAMA Dermatology related that 3 patients at one spa developed long-lasting, highly visible rashes after a cream containing vitamin C was applied to their faces before a microneedling session. It appeared only in the treated areas. Several weeks of therapy helped two of the patients improve. When the article was published, one still had her rash.

Proper infection protection procedures are crucial. Two people were infected with the same strain of HIV after going to the same New Mexico spa for microneedling. Some spas apparently ignored manufacturers warnings and tried to clean and reuse microneedles. Just because a spa is popular or offers a discount, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Getting your treatments from a board-certified specialist might cost a little more. But if it safely gets you great results, it’s well worth the investment.

That principle also applies if you’re considering DIY microneedling. Many at-home microneedling devices have needles that are too short to reach lower skin layers and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Needles that are too long can injure your skin. The same thing is true of rotary devices. The rotary motion can produce superficial skin tears. Remember – any injury can cause scarring. You certainly don’t want to add a scar to your face.

Done right, microneedling often provides strong results. But if you’re older or have greater facial aging, you’ll probably need more.

Deeper Lines and Wrinkles often respond well to Fractional Laser Treatment

Fractional laser treatment can be an outstanding choice for those whose wrinkles and lines are too deep for microneedling. It’s much easier on you than the old ablative CO2 lasers. At one time, your great new look may have cost you considerable discomfort and downtime. The new fractional lasers give terrific results that are much easier on you.

These devices are called fractional lasers because they only vaporize a fraction of your skin. The old lasers got outstanding results, but burned away the entire outer layer of your skin. It turns out that removing just a fraction of your facial skin can effectively soften or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, lighten age spots or brown spots, even out your skin tone and improve stretch marks. The discomfort is much less than in the past. And the level of rejuvenation is substantial.

Fractional laser is a less comfortable treatment than microneedling. But it can effectively treat conditions that microneedling cannot. Your medical specialist can now adjust the device’s wavelength to provide exactly what you need. Is fractional laser your best bet? Only an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon can say for sure.

If laser is for you, you’ll need to allow for 7-10 days of downtime. Afterward, you can expect a big improvement and a younger, fresher look. It’s important to note, though, that even fractional lasers can cause hyperpigmentation – discoloration of deeper skin tones. Those with olive or darker complexions should generally avoid it.

With all of its advantages, some lines and wrinkles are still too deep even for fractional laser to effectively treat. Trying to reach them with a laser device could result in a scar. Is surgery your only option? Fortunately, there’s a new gold standard for nonsurgical treatment of deeper lines and wrinkles.

Renuvion – most effective non-surgical treatment for deep lines and wrinkles

As I outlined in Renuvion / J-Plasma Skin Resurfacing – Best in Treating Acne Scars, Upper Lip Lines and Deep Facial Wrinkles, there is no treatment more effective for deep lines, wrinkles, and advanced facial aging than Renuvion. In this setting, Renuvion resurfaces the face, completely removing the top layer of damaged skin with far less discomfort than ablative CO2 lasers. This procedure, which uses electrically-charged helium gas (plasma), will leave you with fresher, younger-looking skin.

Because Renuvion heats, then instantly cools your skin, it comfortably boosts your collagen and elastin levels. So, your skin will continue to get firmer and fresher-looking for weeks. It provides outstanding results to improve or eliminate deeper lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

If you’re going to benefit from this highly effective treatment, you’ll need to be ready to experience redness and peeling for 2 weeks. You’ll be pink, as if you had a sunburn, for another 8 weeks, although you can soon hide this with makeup. If you can handle that, you’ll enjoy a great new, attractive, younger look without surgery.

Which treatment is best for your lines and wrinkles?

At this time of economic uncertainty, it’s important to note that studies published in Newsweek and in major human resources publications found that looking younger and more attractive can have a big impact if you’re looking for a new job or a promotion. Naturally, you’ll want to know which treatment can improve your skin the most, with the least discomfort. It should fit both your budget and your schedule.

You can discover what will work best for you by consulting a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Highly-experienced specialists who offer a number of different treatments can often give you the best, most impartial answer. You can locate me at STC Plastic Surgery in Ontario, CA. It is possible to find the right solution to the facial lines and wrinkles Inland Empire’s climate promotes. You just have to look in the right place.