Introducing BeautiFill for Skin Tightening, Fat Removal, and Fat Transfer

Does your fat hold the key to beautiful skin? Fat has a bad reputation, but it is an incredibly useful tool for shaping, tightening, and smoothing your facial appearance. We can extract fat from areas on your body that have a bit extra and inject it into the face to fill in wrinkles and restore facial volume. Discover a revitalized appearance, all thanks to your body fat. 

BeautiFill, a revolutionary new system for fat transfer, is improving the results we can achieve. Learn more about this exciting improvement in fat grafting technology, now available at STC Plastic Surgery.

What Is BeautiFill?

Cosmetic surgeons have used fat transfer for many years as an alternative to dermal fillers. Dr. Machida loves using fat, as it is long-lasting and provides soft, natural-looking results to restore volume lost to the aging process. 

Fat offers many benefits but comes with a few downsides too. Traditionally, fat transfer has a low take rate, meaning that only a fraction of the implanted fat cells survive the extraction and transplantation process. Additionally, the process used for extraction and cleaning requires many steps. 

In a traditional fat transfer, the process looks something like this:

  • Remove fat using liposuction
  • Wash the fat with saline to remove blood and cellular debris
  • Concentrate fat cells in a centrifuge
  • Manually pack fat cells into a syringe, often using gloved fingers to press them into position
  • Inject fat cells 

BeautiFill makes this process much simpler. The device uses laser energy to liquefy fat, which then gets drawn into the device, automatically filtered, and placed into syringes. It is immediately ready to inject into the face. BeautiFill improves on the fat transfer procedure, removing many of the downsides and offering unique benefits to our patients.

6 Reasons to Love BeautiFill for Fat Transfer

BeautiFill dramatically improves the fat transfer process. Here are a few reasons we love this treatment.

  • Higher take rate: With BeautiFill, up to 95% of the transferred fat will effectively transplant and remain after treatment. A high take rate means consistent results and a beautiful, natural-looking outcome. 
  • Long-lasting solution: Fat grafting lasts longer than fillers. Enjoy beautiful results, without the need for regular retreatment. 
  • Invest now and enjoy forever: We encourage our patients to get this treatment now so they can enjoy their results, no matter what the future holds. Since retreatment isn’t necessary, patients won’t have to worry about paying for fillers after retirement or when their financial situation changes. These results will stay with you for the long run!
  • Less fat needed: Traditional fat grafting methods involved a lot of fat loss. After cleaning, purifying, and preparing the fat cells, only 20 to 25% of the extracted fat was usable. With BeautiFill, we can use approximately 40 to 45 ccs from every 50 ccs of fat extracted. 
  • Avoid exposure to air: There are a lot of microbes circulating in the air. BeautiFill has a sealed system, so fat doesn’t get exposed to the outside environment. Cleaner fat means less of an immune response from the body to the transferred fat. 
  • Less rejection: BeautiFill uses your body’s fat for rejuvenation, so there’s little risk of rejection or resorption. Unlike fillers, your fat isn’t a foreign substance. 

BeautiFill is a new treatment, and you won’t find it at most plastic surgery practices. STC Plastic Surgery in the Inland Empire is proud to be one of the first providers in Southern California to offer this revolutionary new treatment. Contact us to learn more about facial fat transfer using the BeautiFill system.