Is SmartLipo Best for Alleviating a Double Chin?

No one wants a double chin, but the truth is, it can be really easy to get one. Thanks to a genetic predisposition and aging skin, a double chin can develop even on patients that are a healthy weight. Double chins are stubborn, hard to get rid of, and resistant to many traditional weight loss and toning efforts.

If you have a double chin, treatments are available to address it. Many of our patients opt for a surgical facelift or neck lift to remedy unwanted fat under the chin. However, while a facelift is one of the most effective ways to address fat and excess skin under the chin, less invasive options remain popular. SmartLipo neck liposuction available from Dr. Brian K. Machida is a favorite treatment for a double chin and is one of the best ways to tighten up the chin quickly.

What Is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is liposuction but better. This treatment uses laser technology to liquefy fat for easier removal. The powerful laser used in a SmartLipo treatment also tightens skin, eliminating the common problem of loose skin after liposuction.

This treatment is safe for both men and women of all ages and recommended for patients already at their ideal weight. Liposuction isn’t an alternative to weight loss.

Where SmartLipo Excels

SmartLipo is one of our favorite treatments for excess fat and skin laxity under the chin. It is the ideal treatment for a double chin. This treatment is superior to traditional liposuction in many ways:

  • SmartLipo liquefies fat making it easier to remove and causing less post-surgical trauma than traditional liposuction.
  • SmartLipo can actually tighten skin, while traditional liposuction only removes fat.
  • Results are fast, and most patients see a positive change in their neck contours immediately.
  • The appearance of the neck continues to improve after treatment, providing additional skin tightening and tissue remodeling for up to a year after liposuction.

We’ll discuss the benefits of SmartLipo with you during your consultation.

Choose a Different Treatment If…

SmartLipo is ideal for patients that want to address chin and neck laxity quickly. This treatment may not be a good fit if:

  • You have significant skin laxity. A facelift is more effective for patients with laxity as it removes excess skin.
  • You have aging on the face that you want to address. SmartLipo focuses on rejuvenation of the neck and chin areas. Facial aging is better addressed by facial procedures like an eyelid lift, brow lift, or facelift.

While this treatment isn’t for everyone, it can be an effective treatment option for many patients. Ask Dr. Machida if SmartLipo is right for you. If it is not, Dr. Machida can recommend other treatment options, including a surgical neck lift.

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