Make 2019 Your Best Year with a Facelift with Dr. Machida

When you look your best, you feel unstoppable. No challenge is too big to attempt, and eventually conquer. Every day feels like a victory. Imagine what you could accomplish in 2019 if you felt confident in your facial appearance. Come in for a facelift with Dr. Machida and make next year your best one yet.


Facelift Surgery in Inland Empire, CA

Facelift surgery is one of Dr. Machida’s specialties. Our founder and a double board-certified plastic surgeon, he regularly performs this procedure on both men and women, located throughout the Inland Empire. He is well known for providing his patients with a natural looking facelift result.

The key to Dr. Machida’s stunning facelift results is his customization of each surgery. He draws upon the many facelift techniques available, creating a unique surgical plan. His deep understanding of the facelift procedure and his experience with many different styles of the surgery, allows Dr. Machida to design a facelift that complements your anatomy, aesthetic concerns, and surgical goals. Our surgeries are never one-size-fits-all. You’re unique and your surgery should be too.

In many plastic surgery practices, facelift surgery is a long and extensive procedure, performed under general anesthesia and requiring most of a day. At STC Plastic Surgery, we do facelifts differently. Dr. Machida has honed his technique and can perform a typical facelift in less than 2 hours. He performs the procedure using a local anesthetic. This shortens the time in the operating room, reduces risk, and allows for a shorter, easier recovery. We do all this without compromising on results or patient safety. Simply put, we do facelifts better than many other plastic surgeons in the area.


Facelift Recovery

You’ve got big plans for 2019 and we won’t let facelift recovery slow you down. Dr. Machida’s advanced surgical techniques lead to a shorter facelift recovery period. Many patients are back to work in about 7-10 days. Extensive surgeries may require a slightly longer recovery, around 2 weeks. Dr. Machida will clear you before you resume work and other activities.

Common side effects include tightness, tenderness, and bruising. These should resolve shortly after the procedure. Since Dr. Machida’s facelift methods are less invasive, many patients require prescription pain medications for only a few days.


How Will You Enjoy Your New Look in 2019?

A new year and a new look for you! How will you make the most of your rejuvenated appearance? Use your newfound confidence and stunning good looks to experience the world like never before.

  • Look rejuvenated and confident on an around-the-world cruise
  • Shock former classmates with your youthful appearance at a high school or college reunion
  • Meet new people and make more friends
  • Take a class or learn a skill
  • Shoot for a big promotion or start a new job
  • Go back to school and get that Bachelor’s or Master’s that you’ve always wanted
  • Smile radiantly in a family picture
  • Dance the night away

Whatever you do with your new look, do it with confidence, knowing that you look your best. We’re excited to hear about your many new adventures.

Call us to schedule your facelift consultation at STC Plastic Surgery. We’ve got a feeling that 2019 is going to be a great year for you.