Procedures to Complement Your Facelift Results

Our 7 day recovery facelift is making it easier for men and women across the Inland Empire to pursue facial rejuvenation. Dr. Brian Machida uses advanced surgical techniques to dramatically reduce the recovery timeline after surgery. Most of our patients experience just 7-10 days of downtime. If you’re considering facial rejuvenation surgery, come see us and enjoy a refreshed appearance in just a couple of weeks. Facelift surgery has never been more accessible. 

Our facelift stands on its own, producing smooth and natural looking results. Many of our patients receive only a facelift and are absolutely delighted by their younger looking appearance. This procedure is also a team player, pairing delightfully with other facial cosmetic treatments. Explore some of our favorite facelift pairings at STC Plastic Surgery. 

Surgical Procedures that Complement a Facelift

One of the most difficult aspects of plastic surgery is recovery. Our reduced downtime facelift significantly reduces the time our patients spend in the recovery period. Another way to minimize downtime is to pair procedures together. Often, Dr. Machida can combine a facelift with other surgical procedures. These are performed together, requiring only one trip to the operating room. After surgery, patients recover from both surgeries concurrently. In many cases this cuts the recovery period in half, compared to the expected recovery if both procedures were performed separately. 

Many of our facial rejuvenation surgeries complement the facelift. Ask Dr. Machida for treatment recommendations during your consultation. 

Fat Transfer

Sagging and volume loss are two of the biggest changes the face undergoes during the aging process. A facelift corrects lower face sagging by tightening the layers of skin and muscle in the mid and lower face. A fat transfer addresses volume loss, another important age-related change. 

Fat transfer essentially relocates excess fat from the body into the face, replenishing volume lost during the aging process. Many patients experience a near-permanent improvement in their appearance after this procedure. 

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid bags and sagging aren’t corrected in a traditional facelift. If you have bags under the eyes, puffiness, or droopy eyelids, pair your facelift with a blepharoplasty, or surgical eyelid lift. 

An eyelid lift revitalizes the delicate tissues around the eye. Dr. Machida performs an upper blepharoplasty, a surgery that focuses primarily on the upper eyelids, a lower blepharoplasty, focusing on the lower eyelids, and a combination blepharoplasty, that addresses both upper and lower eyelid concerns. 

Brow Lift

We call the facelift, a “face” lift, but if we’re really getting technical, lower facelift is probably a more appropriate term. For full face rejuvenation, you’ll need a facelift + brow lift combination. A brow lift complements the results of a facelift by reversing aging in the upper face, forehead, and brow area. 

Dr. Machida has performed many successful brow lifts. He uses three different techniques for cosmetic brow enhancement including a direct brow lift, where incisions are placed in the brows, a traditional brow lift, with a hairline incision, and a lateral brow lift, addressing aging only in the outer region. We’ll help you wade through the terminology and find your most effective lift. 

Non-Surgical Procedures to Complement a Facelift

Surgical treatments are typically performed concurrently to facelift surgery while non-surgical options are performed later, after healing is completed. These non-surgical complements will help extend and maintain the youthful appearance created through plastic surgery. Non-surgical treatments can also address aging in areas that a facelift doesn’t treat, like the around the eyes or the brows.


Our laser treatments help patients to achieve their best skin. Laser energy initiates a healing and regenerations process in the body. Our lasers can fade blotchy or uneven pigmentation, thicken skin, and improve texture. 


BOTOX® specializes in upper face wrinkles, specifically any wrinkle caused by muscle movement. This treatment smooths crow’s feet, brow lines, and forehead creases without the need for incisions or downtime. If you have aging around the eyes or brows, ask us if this procedure will be a good fit. 

Dermal Fillers

If fat transfer, one of our surgical complements to a facelift, sounding appealing to you, dermal fillers may too. These two treatments achieve similar objectives, but one uses fat and the other biocompatible filler products. We use dermal fillers to add volume to the face and to fill in hollows and creases. Fillers are a temporary treatment, requiring regular touch-ups, while fat transfer offers near-permanent results.  


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