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The Mini-Lift can tighten loose skin around the lower face and jawline when a full facelift is not required. It will smooth nasolabial folds, marionette lines and wrinkles. The Mini-Lift can get rid of minor jowls. When the lower face is the area of concern, it can give both men and women the younger look they desire.

The Mini-Lift is performed under safer local anesthesia and takes about an hour. Most patients recover within a week. Afterwards, patients often report that friends, coworkers and relatives can’t figure out why they suddenly look years younger.

Signs You may Need a Mini Facelift

Are you starting to look older than you feel, with lines on your lower face and sagging skin in your cheeks and jawline? 

If so, a Mini-Lift (mini facelift) may be ideal for you. It rejuvenates the lower part of the face and jawline, firming and tightening sagging skin and underlying facial muscles.  It can significantly improve:

  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial Folds – lines that run from your nostrils to the upper corners of your mouth
  • Marionette Lines – lines that extend from your lower lip to the jawline

A Mini-Lift is a more conservative treatment. It won’t address the advanced facial aging and fullness or sagging under the chin that a full facelift is designed to treat.  But it results in less swelling, bruising and tenderness.

For younger and middle-age patients with moderate facial aging, a Mini-Lift offers several advantages in giving you the younger look you want with a lower cost and less downtime.

The Benefits of Mini-Lift:

  • A Natural, Younger Look – A Mini-Lift procedure improves your features in ways that correspond to your natural skin condition. You will look like a younger version of yourself, avoiding the unnaturally youthful “pulled” look
  • Increased Confidence and Improved Mood – Patients who are physically and psychologically healthy often report that looking younger and more attractive gives their self-confidence a boost and lifts their mood. Research shows that this can result in both personal and professional advantages
  • Minimal Scarring – Incisions are hidden so that scars are hard to see
  • Less Swelling, Bruising and Tenderness compared to more extensive procedures
  • Return to work more quickly –The Mini-Lift is a limited surgical procedure that minimizes downtime. Patients can return to work sooner than if they had more extensive surgery
  • Shorter Procedure – Mini-Lifts often take just an hour or two

Best Candidates

The best candidates for a Mini-Lift are patients aged 40-49 with skin that has good elasticity (ability to snap back) whose aging is primarily in the face.

The Procedure

After local anesthetic injections have numbed the area, Dr. Machida will make a short incision and then separate the skin from the fat and muscle layers below.  He can trim or suction fat from your cheeks, jawline and chin to improve their contour.  He will then tighten the underlying muscles and the membrane that covers them to produce a more youthful form.  Finally, Dr. Machida will redrape and smooth your skin, removing the excess.  He will fasten everything in place with stitches and close the incisions.

After surgery, Dr. Machida may temporarily place a small tube under the skin behind your ear to drain any blood that has pooled there.  He may also wrap your head in loose bandages to minimize swelling and bruising.  Full recovery should take about a week.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Facelift

The Second to Creation Mini Lift is highly affordable.  The final cost will vary based on your specific needs.  Dr. Machida’s patients often find that a Mini Lift fits well within their budgets.

Any facelift done by a qualified surgeon will make you will look younger than you would have for the rest of your life.  That includes a Mini Lift.  Best results will last for 5-6 years.  Depending on your aging and skin care, good results may last for up to 10 years or longer.  Staying in touch with Dr. Machida in the years after your Mini Lift will help maintain your younger look.

Depending on how quickly you heal, you should be able to return to work and your normal activities in 7-10 days.

Most patients think of it as more uncomfortable than painful.  Low-dose prescription pain medication can control any discomfort that results from your Mini Lift.

Virtually any surgical procedure will leave scars.  Dr. Machida is very skilled at hiding them near your ears where they will be difficult to see after healing.

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