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We don’t say it enough, but our necks should be a great source of pride. In our youths, our necks afforded us a sleek, chiseled profile and a nicely contoured face. As we age, our necks can change, developing double chins, loose, crepe-like skin, and heavy lines.

If you’ve ever felt the need to hide your neck under a turtleneck or struggled to wear a tie comfortably, then you understand why it’s so important to keep your neck looking young and smooth. Unfortunately, the neck also happens to be one of the first parts of the body to shows signs of aging. 

At Second to Creation, we want you to be proud of how you look; the drooping, sagging skin on your neck might obscure the real you, but with our neck lift, we can help you feel confident and whole again. 

A neck lift can remove that sagging, wrinkled skin and create a smoother, sleeker, and more chiseled neck. But more importantly, a neck lift can help a person achieve a sleeker, younger-looking profile. We also like to stress that, at Second to Creation, we know that aging is rarely localized to one area; it’s one of the reasons why Dr. Machida’s neck lift is almost always done as a complement to a facelift.  

Neck Lift Surgery Before & After

What a Neck Lift Can Do

Our neck lift is designed to reverse the changes that aging brings to our neck. Our neck has particularly fragile skin, and when our skin inevitably loses elasticity, the skin becomes incredibly wrinkled and droopy. The fat pads under the chin can also reposition and grow larger, which further accentuates a double chin. Even the platysmal bands, the two sheets of muscles that run up and down the neck, can eventually loosen, causing the development of heavy cords and bands on the neck. Second to Creation’s neck lift can remove that excess skin, tighten the loosened muscles, eliminate excess fat, and more. After a neck lift, you’ll be able to enjoy a more refined and youthful profile.

The Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift in Inland Empire, CA

There a few characteristics that define an ideal candidate for a neck lift:

  • Is in relatively good health. That means no major, untreated conditions like cardiovascular disease
  • Is a non-smoker or willing to quit smoking for at least two weeks before the procedure and during recovery
  • Is unhappy with how their neck looks
  • Wants a sleeker, younger-looking profile
  • Wants to get rid of thick, vertical bands of skin on the neck—also known as platysmal bands
  • Wants to get rid of lines or bands that run horizontally around the neck—aka necklace lines
  • Wants to tighten loose skin around the neck—a turkey neck
  • Has skin that’s too loose for simple liposuction
  • Has too much loose skin for an STC Plasma Neck Lift or other non-surgical procedures
  • Wants to smooth out wrinkled, crepe-like skin on the neck
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Ready For Your Consultation?

If you have any questions or wish to meet with Dr. Machida for a neck lift consultation, please call our Inland Empire office at 909-476-2600 or fill out our contact form.

How a Neck Lift Is Performed

Every neck lift with Dr. Machida will be performed using local anesthesia—that means a faster recovery, no nausea, no complications, and no neck tubes. The neck lift is also an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be able to have the surgery and head home the same day.

To perform the neck lift, Dr. Machida will create incisions behind the ears and under the chin—all areas that can easily hide a scar. Then Dr. Machida will remove excess fat, remove excess skin, and tighten the neck bands. Rather than just pulling on the superficial tissues (which often leads to complications and an unnatural look), Dr. Machida will reposition the underlying tissues to create substantial lift. By addressing all the tissues that have been affected by aging, Dr. Machida can ensure that the results of the neck lift last as long as possible.

Recovery from Neck Lift Surgery

Patients will be able to see an immediate improvement on their necks, but it will take some time before the neck fully heals. Patients should set aside time to recover: like around 7-10 days. Patients will be able to return to work once Dr. Machida clears them. During their recovery, patients are asked to refrain from strenuous activity and to keep their head elevated at all times.

You might feel some swelling, bruising, and tightness around the treatment areas. Patients will be given prescription medication for any discomfort, but many of them find that the recovery is quite tolerable and only requires over-the-counter drugs.

You can feel whole, balanced, and young again. If you’d like to know more about the neck lift, schedule a consultation with Second to Creation in the Inland Empire.

Neck Lift Surgery FAQs

Neck lift incisions are cleverly placed behind the ears and under the chin, obscuring the appearance of any scarring. Most of Dr. Machida’s patients are delighted by their appearance after surgery and are surprised by the minimal neck lift scarring

We would love to provide you with a personalized cost estimate for this rejuvenating procedure. Since surgical costs vary depending on the complexity of your procedure, give us a call and schedule a consultation to discover your personalized price for neck lift surgery.

Neck lift results are very long-lasting, providing rejuvenation for many years after surgery. Most patients that follow Dr. Machida’s recovery instructions and remain diligent about sun protection will only require this procedure one time.

Candidates for a neck lift in the Inland Empire are generally in good health. They want to look younger and are bothered by signs of aging in the neck including banding, loosening skin, jowls, and double chin. If you are not a candidate for a surgical neck lift, another neck procedure such as Renuvion or laser neck liposuction (SmartLipo) may be alternatives. 

In plastic surgery, age rarely matters. We’re more concerned about your health and the extent of aging you’ve experienced, rather than how many years you’ve been alive. We perform this procedure on men and women as young as 40 and on patients in their 70s or beyond.

Dr. Machida’s neck lift surgery is performed using local anesthesia. This significantly reduces downtime while improving the recovery experience.

Ask your questions about neck rejuvenation by calling STC Plastic Surgery in Ontario, CA to schedule a consultation at (800) 303-9541. You can also reach out to us via our website contact form.

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