Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Dr. Brian Machida

If you’re unhappy with your nose, rhinoplasty is the gold-standard option for improving its appearance. However, this procedure is invasive and requires a lengthy recovery period – factors some patients aren’t ready to accommodate. With non-surgical rhinoplasty in the Inland Empire. Dr. Brian Machida uses injectable fillers to shape, contour, and enhance the nose without incisions, stitches, or downtime.

Can non-surgical rhinoplasty help you feel more confident in your facial harmony? Contact STC Plastic Surgery in the Inland Empire to learn more about this less invasive option for nose reshaping. Call our office at (909) 324-3305 to schedule a consultation today.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty harnesses the power of dermal fillers to shape the nose without surgery. Dr. Machida injects fillers on and around the nose to change its shape and improve the balance between your facial features.

This procedure is a highly effective option for providing subtle enhancement to the nose. We use this treatment to improve the shape of the nasal bridge, to reshape the nasal tip, and to alleviate the appearance of asymmetry. Dermal fillers can also fill in deficits from previous nasal surgeries, allowing some patients to avoid revision rhinoplasty.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical and surgical rhinoplasty approach nasal enhancement using two dramatically different methodologies. Surgical rhinoplasty reshapes the structure of the nose. Dr. Machida creates incisions and lifts the skin to access the nasal bones and cartilage. During surgery, Dr. Machida modifies the nose’s underlying structure to change its shape and function. Dr. Machida can also remove airway obstructions like turbinate or a deviated septum.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty works differently. It adds filler to the nose to reshape it and improve facial harmony. Incisions are unnecessary. While surgical treatment offers a permanent result, non-surgical rhinoplasty is temporary, and patients will need touch-ups to maintain results.

Surgical rhinoplasty is often the best solution to correct breathing abnormalities and to improve the airway’s function. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is solely a cosmetic procedure. It will not improve breathing, but can dramatically alter the nasal appearance.

What Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Can and Can’t Do

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an innovative solution to your aesthetic nasal complaints. This procedure is very different from a surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can:

  • Smooth bumps
  • Improve nasal symmetry
  • Straighten the nasal bridge
  • Fill in hollows, grooves, and divots
  • Reduce the appearance of an upturned nose
  • Enhance or reshape the nasal tip
  • Correct imperfections caused by injury
  • Enhance the results of a previous rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty cannot:

  • Improve the function of the nose or alleviate breathing issues
  • Make the nose smaller

Since non-surgical rhinoplasty adds volume to the nose with fillers, there are limits on the type of results we can achieve. However, don’t rule the procedure out until you’ve spoken to a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Machida. Although this procedure cannot physically make the nose smaller, careful filler placement may be able to minimize your nose by bringing it into better harmony with your other features. We have many techniques available to improve the appearance of a large nose using this innovative treatment option.

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Why Choose Dr. Machida for Your Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in the Inland Empire?

To achieve the best possible results from your non-surgical nasal enhancement, it is crucial to choose your injector carefully. Many injectors don’t have experience working with the nose. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Machida, you can be confident that your provider has a deep understanding of facial anatomy and the skills necessary to produce stunning results.

Dr. Machida specializes in facial rejuvenation. He is double board-certified in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology (ears, nose, and throat). He has extensive training in both facial surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Whether you’re considering non-surgical rhinoplasty or a surgical procedure like a facelift, Dr. Machida has the skill and experience you need to achieve stunning results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty requires little to no downtime. Patients can return to their regular daily activities as soon as they are comfortable. Many will not need to miss any work. Dr. Machida may ask you to minimize strenuous activities for a few days during recovery.

Smooth away wrinkles and shape your nose simultaneously. Many of our patients choose to pair their nose injections with cosmetic injectables in other areas of the face. Ask about getting BOTOX® or fillers (including long-lasting Bellafill) at the same time as your nasal injections.

Dr. Machida usually performs non-surgical rhinoplasty using hyaluronic acid fillers. Dr. Machida will select the appropriate fillers for your procedure. Some patients will benefit from a combination approach, using various filler options to achieve the ideal result.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty results are long-lasting, but temporary. Most patients will enjoy their improved appearance for several months after each treatment. If you are happy with your new look and want to maintain it, Dr. Machida can perform follow-up filler injections a few times each year.

Your first non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment will take the longest. Before the first treatment, patients meet with Dr. Machida to ensure the treatment is a good fit. Plan on spending about 30 to 45 minutes with us for non-surgical rhinoplasty, with approximately 15 to 20 minutes of injections.

Many patients choose to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty after non-surgical treatment. Surgical alteration can provide a permanent change to your nose’s shape, size, and appearance. If you decide to pursue surgical treatment later, Dr. Machida can guide you through the process, using his extensive rhinoplasty experience.

Minimal preparation is necessary for this procedure. Avoid taking NSAID pain medications and other medicines that can thin the blood before your treatment, including ibuprofen and aspirin, as these medications can lead to increased bruising. We’ll provide detailed planning instructions when you schedule your appointment.

Most of our patients are delighted by the results of their non-surgical rhinoplasty with Dr. Machida. However, hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible if needed with a quick follow-up procedure.

Where to Learn More About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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