Reasons to Try Renuvion with J Plasma Skin Resurfacing

If your current skincare routine is falling short, come into STC Plastic Surgery to try something new. Our Renuvion treatments with J Plasma are known throughout the Inland Empire for bringing youthful beauty back. Shave years off of your appearance with this innovative treatment.

On the fence about trying our Renuvion/J Plasma system? Keep reading to discover ten reasons to try this treatment in 2019.

Treats a Wide Variety of Skin Conditions

If you’ve got skin, you probably have skin concerns. The versatile Renuvion with J Plasma system is ready to handle any skin problems you throw at it. From wrinkles to sun damage, we’ve got you covered. The J Plasma treats many common skin complaints including lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, poor skin tone, and so much more.

Fewer Treatments

Most patients only need a single treatment using our Renuvion with J Plasma system. This system is powerful, one of the most powerful skin resurfacing devices currently available. It can effectively treat and address many skin concerns with fewer treatments and less downtime. Dramatic results from a single treatment!

Incredibly Precise

Achieving beautiful skin resurfacing results requires experience and practice. We love that this system puts our experience to use. The device uses an incredibly precise mechanism that gives the operator fantastic control over the treatment process. It allows us to carefully remove older layers of skin with precision, so we achieve just the right results, never too much or too little skin ablation.

Minimal Downtime

Downtime is reduced with the Renuvion/ J Plasma system, compared to surgical or laser treatments that offer similar results. Many patients return to work in just over a week and experience redness and swelling for the first 2-3 weeks. Some residual redness may remain after the initial recovery period, but it can be covered with makeup for a flawless skin appearance.

These recovery timelines are much shorter than the typical recovery periods for a traditional laser treatment. Many patients require 2-3 weeks of downtime after laser skin resurfacing.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Renuvion with J Plasma can jumpstart the body’s collagen production. This leads to noticeable skin tightening in the months after your procedure. Increased collagen levels can also improve skin thickness and quality.

Lower Temperature Ablation

Plasma technology affords the Renuvion with J Plasma system a few unique treatment benefits. One of the biggest is the ability to ablate skin at lower temperatures. This means that we can resurface to deeper levels than with a traditional laser system. A deeper ablation produces better results.

Long Lasting Results

Your response to treatment and the natural aging process will determine how long your results last, but rest assured, this treatment is in for the long haul. Results are very long lasting!

Safe for Delicate Areas

Many laser and skin treatments cannot be used around the eyes. These tissues are delicate and easily damaged by a typical laser treatment. Renuvion with J Plasma offers excellent precision and can be safely used on delicate facial areas like around the eyes or lips.

Pairs with Surgical Procedures

Turn your facelift up a notch by adding in skin resurfacing treatment using our Renuvion/J Plasma system. This treatment provides a stunning complement to the lifting and shaping of a facelift by improving skin tone and texture. Combining our powerful surgical and non-surgical treatments is one of the best ways to create dramatic facial rejuvenation.

Your Best Skin

Our number one reason for trying this treatment is simple, it gives patients the opportunity to experience their best skin. Call STC Plastic Surgery to learn more about this revolutionary treatment or to book your Renuvion with J Plasma consultation in the Inland Empire.