Rhinoplasty in Inland Empire – Who Performs your Nose Job Makes a Difference

If you’re considering rhinoplasty – a nose job – in Inland Empire, metro Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter, you’re in good company.  On average, roughly 220,000 people get a nose job in the United States every year.  Having a rhinoplasty procedure to improve a nose you don’t like for some reason is not a matter of mere vanity.  Your friends, romantic partner, prospective business clients, hiring managers and employer see your nose the moment they look at you. You do, too.  Scientific studies clearly demonstrate that how you look has a big impact on how you feel about yourself – and how others feel about you.  Research confirms that a more attractive face can lead to a better paycheck and a more enjoyable social life.

We’ve all seen firsthand that good-looking people are treated better.  Scientific studies confirm it.  One magazine article explains “Why attractive people often get preferential treatment.”  This certainly is the case at work.  Ivy League magazine Cornell HR Review summed up extensive research on bias in hiring and promotions:

Attractive individuals will receive more job offers, better advancement opportunities, and higher salaries than their less attractive peers – despite numerous findings that they are no more intelligent or capable.

With all this evidence, it makes perfect sense that a rhinoplasty procedure would be popular in Inland Empire.  How can you ensure you’ll get attractive, natural-looking results?

Choose the Right Kind of Doctor for Your Rhinoplasty

Any doctor with a medical license can offer their services as a “cosmetic surgeon.”  And while all licensed physicians acquire knowledge of the human body, not all “cosmetic surgeons” have the training needed to perform a high-quality rhinoplasty.  You want a nose job that looks attractive and natural.  Surgeons need special training to provide them.

For example, after plastic surgeons graduate from medical school and complete their internship, they undergo more specialized training.  That starts with a 3-year general surgery residency program.  Then they complete another 3-year training regimen in plastic surgery.  This qualifies them to do plastic or reconstructive surgery on any part of the body.

Facial plastic surgeons like me concentrate all our training on face and neck procedures.  The majority begin with an Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) residency.  We become thoroughly familiar with the anatomy of the nose.  Next, we complete surgical fellowship programs in head and neck surgery and finally facial plastic surgery.  Many facial plastic surgeons are board-certified in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery.  The extensive training and experience in surgical procedures of the face and neck we receive help us provide our patients with outstanding, natural rhinoplasty results.

Of course, you want a surgeon with both specialized training and genuine skill.  It’s always a good idea to ask your prospective surgeon for Before and After photos of their rhinoplasty patients.  This will help you see what kind of results you could expect.

The Attractive, Natural-Looking Nose You Want From Your Rhinoplasty

While many want a better-looking nose, no one wants to look like they’ve had a nose job.  I want to avoid artificial-looking results, too.  I start the process of customizing your rhinoplasty by asking about your goals.  It’s important to have reasonable expectations.  The best nose is attractive while looking like it naturally belongs on your face.

Some people’s noses only need minor adjustments.  If that’s true, we can perform closed rhinoplasty.  All the incisions will be hidden inside your nostrils.  If your nose needs more, we’ll perform an open rhinoplasty.  I’ll need to make an incision between your nostrils at the bottom of your nose.  Having performed many nose jobs, I can hide the scar very well.

Customizing Your Nose Job 

Performing thousands of facial plastic surgery procedures, including many nose jobs, has provided me with the capacity to give you the specific rhinoplasty you need.  Every face is different and a highly experienced facial plastic surgeon can tailor his or her technique so that you get a nose that really fits your face.  Here’s what we do for some common issues:

“Hook nose” or Nasal Hump:  Whether you have a small hump or a large “hook” in your nose, we can fix it.  Some patients wonder if I can just cut off the hump.  If the hump is substantial, cutting it off would leave an “open roof” that provides no bone support to part of your nose.  To avoid that, I’ll use a surgical instrument called an osteotome to eliminate the hump.  Then I’ll carefully cut the inside of the bones on either side of your nose and join the two open halves together.  This will give you a strong and straight nasal bone.

A Drooping nose tip needs to be straightened and supported.   We’ll have to change the angle of the cartilage there.  We have a few different ways to accomplish this, depending on the reason for the droop.  If too much cartilage makes it look like your nose tip is sagging, I can shave it.  If the tip genuinely sags, I can lift it by suturing the cartilage.  If necessary, we can insert a strut at the bottom of the area between your nostrils.  This will add support and lift the tip.  

You may have a Low Nose with a bridge that doesn’t rise high enough.  This can be treated effectively with a silicone nasal implant.  Surgeons have employed them for years.  A silicone nasal implant is safe and effective if the surgeon implants it properly.

This is a great example of the adage, “You get what you pay for.”  A less experienced or less skilled surgeon may make the surgical pocket too big.  This can make the hard silicone implant “wander” and leave you with a lump in your nose or another problem you won’t like.  Board-certified facial plastic surgeons have learned how to set the implant so that it stays put.  You’ll end up with a nose you’ll like for many years.

Getting the Right Nose Job in Inland Empire

You only have one nose.  Everyone you meet will see it.  You want to make sure it looks good.  And while everyone wants to save money, some make the mistake of trying to save too much.  There are highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeons whose fees are quite reasonable.  We’ll give you an outstanding rhinoplasty in Inland Empire at an affordable price.

However, there are less experienced, less qualified doctors claiming to be “cosmetic surgeons” who will undercut even the reasonable prices I and some of my colleagues charge for an attractive, natural-looking rhinoplasty in Inland Empire and metro Los Angeles.  Trying to save money with one of them can leave you with very unsatisfactory results that are impossible to hide.

If you’re in Inland Empire or metro Los Angeles, California you’re welcome to contact me about coming in for a free consultation.  Learn how you can get the nose you’ve always wanted.