Start Sculpting Your 2019 Body with SculpSure®

A better body doesn’t start on January 1st. If you’re aspiring for sexier curves and a flatter tummy this coming year, don’t wait until the new year to get started. Come into STC Plastic Surgery and learn about SculpSure®. We can start shaping, sculpting, and enhancing your best body for 2019 now. Start the new year off with the body you want.

Resolutions Often Fail- SculpSure® Helps Patients Succeed

When you set a New Year’s resolution, the odds are stacked against you. About 80% of resolutions fail by mid-February. If you’ve set a goal to achieve a better body in years past, you know how hard it can be to actually achieve one. It may feel like you’re destined to fail, but you aren’t. Resolutions are difficult, but when you have help, they are very achievable. Let us help you with a better body.

The secret to perfect curves is SculpSure®, a revolutionary body contouring treatment offered at our Inland Empire plastic surgery office. SculpSure® is a non-invasive laser treatment that uses heat to break down fat cells. After treatment, your body processes these damaged cells, permanently removing them through natural elimination channels.

SculpSure® offers many benefits to our patients including:

  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime needed after treatment
  • Permanent results
  • Average fat loss of about 20-24% in the treatment area
  • No skin or surrounding tissue damage
  • Smooth, natural looking results

Achieve resolution success in 2019 by learning more about this revolutionary body sculpting treatment.

Holiday Fun with SculpSure®

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means weight gain. With SculpSure® as your sidekick, you can have help fighting back against holiday bulges. SculpSure® treatments are quick and easy, with no downtime, allowing patients to squeeze in a quick treatment in between holiday shopping and parties.

The ideal SculpSure® patient is close to their ideal weight and seeking to remove stubborn fat pockets. Start your treatments now, and your first results will appear in about six weeks, just in time for the new year.

SculpSure® Basics- What You Need to Know Before Treatment

We’re currently scheduling SculpSure® treatments for this fall and winter. Call our offices to learn more or to schedule your first treatment. We’ll tell you all about the procedure and what to expect, but in the meantime, here are some basic facts about the procedure to help you decide if SculpSure® is right for you.

  • A Series of Treatments May Be Needed- Patients see results in just one treatment, but to achieve optimal results, most will require a series of treatments. Typically, the higher your BMI, the more treatments needed. We space treatments every six weeks until ideal results are obtained.
  • Quick, In-Office Treatment- SculpSure® is performed at our office, no surgical center needed. The average treatment takes about 25 minutes, start to finish. Multiple areas can be treated during a single visit.
  • Not for Weight Loss- SculpSure® is a body contouring treatment, not a weight loss procedure. You should be close to your ideal weight before your first treatment.
  • Permanent Results- Once fat cells are destroyed, they don’t regenerate. SculpSure® results are permanent. Of course, weight gain is still possible, so we ask patients to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.
  • Results in Six Weeks- Initial results appear about six weeks after treatment with full results at about twelve weeks. This varies depending on your body’s response to the procedure.

Start 2019 with a better body. Schedule your body contouring treatments now and get a jumpstart on next year’s resolutions! Call us at 800-303-9541 for SculpSure® in Inland Empire, CA.