Top 5 Treatments to Gift Mom

What do you give to a mom who gave you everything? We bet Mom would love an aesthetic treatment at STC Plastic Surgery. Your mom will always be beautiful to you. These gifts will help her feel her best when she looks into the mirror.


If Mom has 10 minutes, she has time for fewer wrinkles. BOTOX® is one of our most popular treatment options for busy moms on the go. BOTOX® treatments take just a few minutes and can smooth lines and wrinkles for months.

BOTOX® works best on expression lines and wrinkles like smile lines and frown lines. Giving your mom the gift of BOTOX® will make up for all those wrinkles you caused during your wild teenage years.


Busy moms don’t have time for frequent dermal filler treatments. Dr. Machida loves Bellafill, one of the longest-lasting dermal filler treatments we offer. Bellafill is a unique collagen filler that smooths wrinkles for up to five years with a single treatment.

With Bellafill, Mom can enjoy smoother skin and fewer wrinkles now and for many years to come. Bellafill is the gift that keeps on giving, just like your mother’s love.

Fractional Laser

Smoother, brighter skin tops every mom’s wish list. Our fractional laser treatment can make your mom’s skincare wishes come true.

Our powerful fractional laser targets skin damage while leaving healthy skin cells intact. The healthy skin helps the treated skin to heal more rapidly, reducing downtime and helping Mom get back to life sooner. A fractional laser treatment is an ideal complement to facial surgery like an eyelid lift. This treatment is also great on its own, repairing skin damage so your mom’s skin can shine bright and beautiful.


You’ve given Mom her fair share of wrinkles. Now give her a facelift to undo some of the damage. Dr. Machida’s signature deep plane facelift is one of the most effective options for treating deep creases and wrinkles in the lower face. Dr. Machida’s advanced techniques ensure a rapid recovery and long-lasting, natural-looking facelift results.

Whether Mom has lower face sagging or just needs a refresh, a facelift can help her to feel like a younger version of herself. Help your mom to keep the wisdom while losing the wrinkles.


Give Mom’s skin a beauty boost with BeautiFILL. This powerful treatment uses fat to smooth and beautify the skin.

What is BeautiFILL? This treatment is a fat transfer but enhanced. BeautiFILL uses laser and vacuum technology to improve the harvesting and implanting process of a traditional fat transfer. It can address wrinkles, loose skin, hollows and pockets, and loss of skin firmness. BeautiFILL has a high fat survival rate for consistent and even results that last.

Schedule a Surprise Treatment for Your Mom

Contact STC Plastic Surgery to schedule a surprise for your mom. This special lady in your life deserves something special from you. Call us at (800) 303-9541 and schedule a treatment for Mom or yourself.