Want to Lose Stubborn Body Fat, like Belly Fat and Love Handles?

WarmSculpting is the Better Answer for Busy People in Inland Empire

If you have stubborn fat that persists despite your working hard to lose weight through diet and exercise, you’re probably wondering what you can do.  After spending many years helping patients substantially improve their appearance, I’ve come to a conclusion.  For many WarmSculpting, originally known as SculpSure®, is a better solution than either liposuction or CoolSculpting.  In Inland Empire’s hot climate, losing weight with diet and exercise is especially hard work.   If you’ve accomplished that, but still have persistent fat you want to lose, you deserve good results without a big time commitment or significant discomfort.  Compared to either method, WarmSculpting can help you remove belly fat, love handles or other body fat with more comfort and convenience.

What to do about stubborn body fat like belly fat and love handles

Diet and exercise can get rid of much of your less desirable body fat, but often leaves fat deposits behind.  You can reach the challenging goal of losing weight, but still not have the body you want.  What can you do to get rid of persistent fat?

There are two methods you can use:  remove the fat or kill the fat cells and let your body eliminate them (your body won’t tolerate dead tissue).  Outside of surgery like a tummy tuck, the best way to physically get rid of stubborn fat is with liposuction.  Your physician will insert a hollow tube called a cannula and suck out the fat.  To make this easier, the fat must first be liquefied.  Some doctors do this by injecting saline, lidocaine and epinephrine into your fat pockets.  Others use heat to melt the fat, employing radio frequency (RF) waves, ultrasound or laser.  All of these methods will make fat cells easier to vacuum out through the cannula.

Liposuction, effective as it can be, carries risks.  These include scarring, persistent numbness and infection.  Liposuction also has its limits.  If your physician removes too much fat, you can end up with lumps or dents in your skin.  The more fat cells are removed, the greater the possibility that complications can occur.

CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting:  FDA-Approved Methods for Fat Removal without Liposuction

To remove stubborn fat without liposuction, there are two noninvasive FDA-approved methods worth noting:  WarmSculpting (SculpSure®) and CoolSculpting.   These techniques kill fat cells, which your body’s immune system will then remove.  Both can provide outstanding results without surgery.  How do they work?

Thanks to TV advertising, you’ve no doubt heard of CoolSculpting.  This works using cryolipolysis, killing fat cells with extreme cold.  Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold than other cells.  The CoolSculpting machine sucks your fatty tissue between two plates.  The plates chill the tissues between them a great deal.  The treated area will get extremely cold.  The fat cells will freeze and die.  After the procedure, your body will start gradually removing the dead fat cells.

WarmSculpting (or SculpSure®), on the other hand, does not pull your skin or suck in any tissue.  The doctor will just place it on surface of the area you want to treat.  Laser energy goes through the skin and into the tissues, causing a thermal injury to the fat cells.  They die due to an automatic process called programmed cell death.  Your immune system will then remove them step by step.

Results for both methods are less extreme than those achieved with liposuction, but are still outstanding.  They will improve in the days and weeks following your procedure.  However, I believe WarmSculpting is the preferred method, and that’s what we use at STC Plastic Surgery.  Here are some of my reasons:

WarmSculpting – a more comfortable way to reduce belly fat, love handles and other body fat

CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting both provide excellent results.  But while CoolSculpting is popular due to the power of advertising, your comfort can become an issue with this method.  Note the warning on the official CoolScupting.com website:

During the procedure you may experience sensations of pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations subside as the area becomes numb.

Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity, and sensation of fullness in the back of the throat after submental or submandibular area treatment.

In some cases, pain and discomfort have gone away, only to return 3 days following a CoolSculpting session.  No doubt, you’d prefer gain without pain.

WarmSculpting is much more comfortable for many patients.  While its lasers heat up the fat cells under your skin, cooling heads on the surface reduce discomfort (your sensory nerve endings are closer to the surface).  You may feel a tingling sensation and deep warmth during your session.  Most people find this to be no problem.

WarmSculpting – greater convenience for busy people

If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate stubborn body fat, like belly fat and love handles, WarmSculpting is a considerably more convenient way to do it.

Some CoolSculpting patients have found that freezing fat cells can leave them with what looks like a stick of butter under their skin.  If the physician doesn’t massage and smooth it properly, bumpy or irregular areas under the skin can remain.  JAMA Dermatology, published by the American Medical Association, reported on a case where a single CoolSculpting session left a man in his 40s with a large mass under his skin.

Writing in Cosmetic Surgery Times, plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Katz related:

Last week, we saw two patients who had this major side effect from CoolSculpting, where instead of taking the fat away, you get an increasing amount of fat. People, then, have to have liposuction to get rid of it.

Now, while I’m not saying that many CoolSculpting patients will end up with hardened fat under their skin, some will.  If you do, you’ll need to have a liposuction treatment to get rid of it.  That’s what I call truly inconvenient.

WarmSculpting will not leave you with hardened fat under your skin.  And the design of WarmSculpting equipment makes this procedure more convenient for busy people.  Dr. Katz, in Cosmetic Surgery times, added:

 With SculpSure® (WarmSculpting), you can treat up to four areas at one time and it only takes about 25 minutes per treatment. With CoolSculpting it takes an hour per area. So, if you’re going to treat people’s flanks, you can do both flanks at the same time with SculpSure® (WarmSculpting), and it takes 25 minutes. With CoolSculpting it takes an hour on each side, so it takes two hours. SculpSure® (WarmSculpting) is a big time saver for patients and also for staff.

WarmSculpting’s ability to work on up to 4 areas at once can really save you time.  If you have more than one area to treat, a 25-minute WarmSculpting session takes a lot less out of your day than a 2-4 hour CoolSculpting treatment.  And since WarmSculpting has no downtime, you can quickly resume your busy schedule.  WarmSculpting is the choice for busy people.


 If you’ve lost weight, but still have persistent love handles, belly fat or other body fat, both WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting can help you eliminate it without liposuction or surgery.

Both are FDA-approved, and both provide outstanding results.  However, after comparing the two, I became convinced that because WarmSculpting is more comfortable and convenient, it is a better alternative for busy people in Inland Empire.  Having performed this procedure for several years, I still prefer it to CoolSculpting.  For these reasons, WarmSculpting is the non-invasive fat reduction procedure we offer at STC Plastic Surgery here in Ontario.