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Dr. Brian Machida is a double Board Certified facial plastic surgeon with an outstanding level of experience. Unlike other plastic surgeons, who work on the entire body, Dr. Machida focuses only on the face and neck. Fellowship training and extraordinary experience have made him an expert. For nearly 30 years he has performed over 6,000 facial rejuvenation procedures, including facelifts, necklifts and eyelid restoring surgeries and 10,000 facial aesthetic and functional procedures such as nasal and ear surgeries. That’s much more than most traditional plastic surgeons would do in their entire careers.

Because of this, Dr. Machida regularly does what few facial plastic surgeons can do. He performs outstanding faceliftsneck lifts and other procedures using local anesthesia, which experts have called one of the safer methods available. As outlined on the Dr. Brian Machida page, he has won awards and recognition for excellence and has developed his surgical techniques to achieve outstanding results. He served for 10 years at the USC School of Medicine culminating in the position of associate clinical professor.

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Rejuvenating your face can also lead to greater self-confidence and enjoyment in life. At Second to Creation we care about how you look, since we know it affects the way you feel about yourself and your life.

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As unfortunate it may be, aging can cause us to develop hooded, drooping upper eyelids that make us look much more tired and olderthan we really feel. But if you’re ready to reveal the more vibrant version of you, then Dr. Machida can help you with a remarkable procedure called an upper or lower blepharoplasty.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Lower Blepharoplasty

As we age, our necks can change, developing double chins, loose, crepe-like skin, and heavy lines. At Second to Creation, we want you to be proud of how you look; the drooping, sagging skin on your neck might obscure the real you, but with our neck lift, we can help you feel confident and whole again.

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Earlobes usually tear because of trauma to the ears, the weight of heavy earrings, or a consequence of widened piercings called “gauges.” But we’ve also seen patients who were simply born with overly large earlobes or earlobes that were deformed by a previous procedure. Whether you just want to be able to wear earrings again or need an earlobe repair, we are here to help.

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Second to Creation
Brian K. Machida, MD, FACS

Are you tired of looking beyond your years? Watch how Second to Creation rejuvenates your face to restore the ageless look of your former youth. With his 25+ years of experienced in cosmetic surgery Dr. Brian K. Machida, founder and surgeon at Second to Creation can help you look the best you with the most natural looking results.


I am extremely impressed with the overall procedure. I would recommend a friend to have anything done by Dr. Machida. He is professional, kind, and knowledgeable in his endeavors to meet your expectations. My experience was nothing short of amazing!


Very happy with the results. So natural looking. Thank you Dr. Machida


I highly recommend Dr. Machida to anyone considering a face and neck lift and laser treatment. He did a superior job for me. I’m 100% satisfied


I trusted Dr. Machida from the time I met him.. I loved the combination of holistic, homeopathic, medical care and prayer.

Peggi L.

I am very satisfied with my procedure. Would highly recommend procedure and Dr. Machida.

Marcia T.

Brian K. Machida –  Facial Surgery

At Second to Creation, we are dedicated to leading you through a life transformation, through restoring your face back toward the unique beauty you were given at creation. At the same time, we support and encourage the inner beauty which every individual has within themselves. If you want this change or are ready to find it in a place of trust with excellence, come see us!

Our Cosmetic Surgery Center serves all the Inland Empire including, Corona,
Ontario, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Victorville and Upland in Southern California.