3 Treatments to Add to Your Deep Plane Facelift Aftercare Routine

A deep plane facelift is an excellent procedure to eliminate sagging skin, drooping features, and deep wrinkles in the mid to lower facial areas. This procedure requires advanced surgical skills and in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy. To provide his patients with the optimal medical care and best possible outcomes, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian… Read More »

How Will My Deep-Plane Facelift Age Over Time?

The deep-plane facelift offers the longest-lasting results of any other facelift technique. By targeting the mid-face, this cosmetic surgery minimizes nasolabial folds and reaches deeper layers of the facial tissue and muscle to deliver a more dramatic improvement. What Is a Deep-Plane Facelift? A deep-plane facelift is a plastic surgery Dr. Machida offers to reposition… Read More »

Beat Filler Fatigue with Bellafill

When it comes to augmenting your facial features, not many procedures can surpass the popularity of dermal fillers. These injectables are not only easy to obtain but also remain effective in their results for plumping up lips, reducing wrinkles, and volumizing cheeks and chin. But as successful as traditional dermal fillers are, they also require… Read More »

How Often Should You Get Laser Skin Resurfacing?

With an endless array of cosmetic treatments on the market for facial anti-aging, it can be challenging to determine the best for you. There are factors to consider when deciding which treatment to pursue—cost, effectiveness, and recovery, to name a few. Aside from the cosmetic concerns you hope to treat, one of the most essential… Read More »

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