Don’t Be Fooled! 5 Common Myths About Facelifts

Word of mouth is a useful tool for finding hot new restaurants or the trendiest places to shop, but when it comes to medical advice, your friends may have it wrong. When you want to learn about facelift surgery, your best course is to turn to a plastic surgeon. As one of the top facial… Read More »

How to Prepare Your Child for Successful Otoplasty

As a parent, your job is to act as your child’s guide as you help them navigate complicated life situations. Facing otoplasty surgery isn’t something you and your child do every day, so you may be unsure how to prepare your child for their upcoming procedure.  Our caring and helpful staff are available if you… Read More »

Will an Approaching Wedding Take You Off the Facelift Fence?

Summer is wedding season. If you’ve been sitting on the facelift fence, it’s time to make a choice. Come in for a consultation and explore your options for facial rejuvenation. Whether you’re walking down the aisle yourself or attending the wedding of a loved one, our facelift treatments will leave you looking refreshed and fabulous… Read More »

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