Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty: Achieving Facial Harmony

Could chin augmentation enhance the results of your rhinoplasty? If you’re preparing for rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon may recommend a chin augmentation too. Learn how chin surgery and rhinoplasty work together to achieve facial harmony.  Change Your Nose, Change Your Face The nose is one of your most prominent facial features. It is in the… Read More »

What Will My Neck Lift Scars Look Like After Healing?

  Don’t let the fear of scars keep you from the neck rejuvenation procedure you desire. Most cosmetic procedures require incisions, and incisions can lead to scars. But scars from plastic surgery aren’t the same as scars caused by a cut or injury. In plastic surgery, incisions are carefully placed and closed to minimize visible… Read More »

Facial Volume Loss: Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments

Chubby cheeks are synonymous with youth. As you age, those baby cheeks begin to slim, transforming your baby face into an adult one. Age more, and your once-chubby cheeks may start to deflate. Facial volume loss is a surefire sign of getting older. Restoring and maintaining your facial volume can help you to look youthful… Read More »

Scar Removal for Skin of Color

The color of your skin can have an impact on the likelihood of scarring. Patients with darker skin tones are more likely to develop keloid scars than patients from a Caucasian background. Patients with genetic roots in Africa are especially prone to this type of raised scar.  What can you do about unwanted scarring if… Read More »

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