Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Inland Empire, CA

We don’t often talk about how our chins affect the way we look, but for many of us, a weak or receding chin is a constant source of concern. We shouldn’t forget about how important a chin is in establishing facial balance and proportion; along with our nose, forehead, and cheeks among others, the size and shape of our chin determines how striking our profile will be.

At the Inland Empire’s Second to Creation, we understand that small changes can have a big impact, that even something as seemingly minor as a chin can have a drastic effect on your overall look. That’s why we’re proud to offer chin augmentation, a simple procedure that uses a state-of-the-art implant to balance the chin. With a chin augmentation, we can help you bring your look into a harmonious whole.

You can trust that Second to Creation can help get you there. Your chin augmentation will be performed by Dr. Brian Machida, a facial plastic surgeon in Ontario, CA who has performed countless chin augmentation procedures and thousands of facial procedures over his long career. We’ll customize your chin augmentation based on your unique facial structures and aesthetic goals, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Continue reading to learn more about chin augmentation in the Inland Empire. You can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Machida, an expert facial plastic surgeon in Ontario, CA specializing in facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, and many other facial rejuvenation procedures. 

The Benefits of Chin Augmentation

The chin augmentation strengthens or shapes the chin through the use of silastic implants. Chin augmentation is typically used for patients who have a “weak” or receding chin. This means that the chin is not proportional to the rest of a patient’s facial features, and we sometimes see patients who think their weak chins exacerbate the size of their nose. A chin augmentation can fix this by enhancing the dimensions of the chin. Specifically, a chin augmentation can also:

  • Define the chin and jawline
  • Reshape the pre-jowl sulcus (the areas on either side of the chin)
  • Create a sharper, more balanced profile
  • Make the nose look more proportional
  • Reduce bulging under the chin
  • Restore symmetry to the face

The most remarkable benefit of chin augmentation is its permanent result. But, thanks to the unique qualities of silastic implants, the procedure is reversible if you choose to have your implant removed in the future.

If the implant is made out of a firmer material and is sutured into place, then your chin augmentation results can truly last a lifetime.

What Are Silastic Implants?

To define the chin, Dr. Machida will implant silastic implants into the chin. Silastic chin implants are biocompatible, meaning they’re composed of substances that are safe to use inside the body. It also means that when silastic chin implants are implanted into the chin, they’ll safely adapt to surrounding tissues and the jawbone.

Silastic implants are made out of silicone, a flexible material that’s been used in medical procedures for decades. Like the best implants, silastic implants will feel like a natural part of your body once they’ve been inserted. Since they come in a variety of sizes, Dr. Machida can easily customize each implant to fit your chin augmentation needs.

How Chin Augmentation Is Performed

Chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure that’s performed in Dr. Machida’s private surgical center. As with all of his procedures, Dr. Machida will use local anesthetics, so the patient doesn’t have to worry about nausea, dizziness, or any of the side effects commonly associated with general anesthesia.

In the first step of the chin augmentation, Dr. Machida will make an incision inside the mouth or just under the chin. Then, he’ll create a pocket by gently stretching the tissues inside the mouth. The implant is then placed inside the pocket, and then the pocket is sutured up.

All the incisions created in a chin augmentation won’t be easily visible once they heal – even the one under the chin.

In general, the chin augmentation is performed in an hour, and the patient can return home the same day of the surgery.

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Recovery from the Chin Augmentation

You should see an immediate improvement after your chin augmentation, but we should note that our patients do experience some swelling after their procedure. It might seem at first like the implant is too big, but if you wait a few days, the swelling should dissipate and reveal your new chin.

Because you are recovering from a surgical procedure, Dr. Machida highly recommends that patients wait around a week before returning to work and regular activities. Patients should also wait until Dr. Machida clears them before they return to working out or other strenuous activity.

During your recovery, Dr. Machida advises that you keep your head elevated for the first few days – even during sleep. This reduces the severity of swelling.

From the consultation all the way to your recovery, Dr. Machida will be there to support you. Dr. Machida will see patients the day after the procedure, the week after, and the month after until he’s satisfied that you’re having a successful recovery.

Why Dr. Machida?

It’s your face; you should trust nothing less than a board-certified surgeon who is known for their artistry, experience, and specialization in facial procedures. That’s why so many patients in the Inland Empire area choose Dr. Machida for chin augmentation – because they know that they’re in the hands of a true expert, and that they’ll be cared for throughout their experience.

Dr. Machida and the entire team at Second to Creation are dedicated to helping you feel whole, empowered, and respected. If you’d like to know more about the outstanding patient experience for our chin augmentation patients, contact the Inland Empire’s Second to Creation to schedule a consultation.

Inland Empire Chin Augmentation FAQS

Dr. Machida performs chin augmentation with the intention for you to be able to enjoy your results for years to come. He uses high-quality, firm implants and carefully sutures them in place. Using this technique, chin enhancement results potentially last a lifetime.

Faces come in every shape and size. Chin implants do, too. The implants we use are silastic chin implants, made from a firm, biocompatible silicone. These implants will integrate into the jawbone and surrounding tissues after implantation, and will look and feel like natural bone.

Dr. Machida places incisions for chin augmentation either inside the mouth or under the chin. Both locations hide scars very well. After you’ve healed, visible scarring should be minimal, if it occurs at all.

Dr. Machida has perfected his surgical technique, allowing him to perform many procedures, including chin augmentation, using local anesthesia only. Performing surgery with local anesthesia eliminates nausea, dizziness, and other effects of general anesthesia, helping our patients enjoy a shorter, more straightforward recovery after their procedure.

Chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure. You’ll be ready to head home a few hours after surgery. Recover in the comfort of your home! 

Most patients heal quickly from chin augmentation with minimal discomfort. Dr. Machida will talk with you about pain management and help you choose pain relief options to keep you comfortable throughout recovery. Over-the-counter pain medications can be very effective in reducing discomfort. Some people occasionally need stronger pain medications for the first few days. Stay on top of your pain medications, and your discomfort should be minimal during recovery. Let us know if you experience unexpected pain, so we can help you find relief.

Rhinoplasty is chin augmentation’s perfect complement. These two procedures work together to bring harmony and balance to your facial appearance.

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