Upper Blepharoplasty

As we get older, our eyes stop expressing who we really are to the world. As unfortunate it may be, aging can cause us to develop hooded, drooping upper eyelids that make us look much more tired-and older-than we really feel. But if you’re ready to reveal the more vibrant version of you, then Dr. Machida can help you with a remarkable procedure called an upper blepharoplasty.

An upper blepharoplasty is a procedure that tightens droopy upper eyelids to create a more vibrant, refreshed look. At Second to Creation, our upper blepharoplasty will be performed in way that helps you look younger–not like a different person. With the right surgical techniques and his in-depth understanding of facial aesthetics, Dr. Machida can help you look refreshed without sacrificing your unique look.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Sometimes no amount of sleep, cucumber slices, or creams can get rid of puffy eyelids. No matter lively you feel and how spirited you might be, puffy eyelids will tell the world that you’re tired and exhausted. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Enough is enough–if you’ve suffered from puffy eyelids, there are things you can do. With a procedure like the lower blepharoplasty in the Inland Empire’s Second to Creation, you can permanently eliminate puffy eyelids and turn back the hands of time.

Brow Lift

It’s hard to feel like yourself when you’ve got a drooping brow. On any given moment, a drooping brow can make you look sad, angry, and tired, even if you feel perfectly fine. What’s worse is that a drooping brow is often accompanied by a wrinkled forehead that can make you look much older than you really feel.

You’re a vibrant person—don’t let a drooping brow obscure that. If you’re ready to reveal your livelier side, then a brow lift will be able to help you.  A brow lift can lift sagging brows, smooth a wrinkled forehead, and help you achieve a more refreshed appearance.

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