Consultation / Procedures Process

First, you would meet with our consulting staff who would introduce you to the theraputic modalities available at our office. You might notice something different about our office from the moment you step inside, which will hopefully create a feeling which is apart from the routine experiences of your life.

Meeting Dr. Machida will be important. He will connect ,with you, determine your needs and desires, and plan the best course of action to achieve your results. Dr. Machida is very good about any other priorities, or issues which might detract from your experience and will be able to help you plan your desired course.

If you desire to proceed, another member of our staff will help guide you through the steps needed to complete your desired course of treatment. We will cover everything from financing to scheduling to the details of pre and post procedure care, including arranging for a care taker if needed.

You will begin the completion of your journey with an ultimately peaceful frame of mind, body, and soul. Dr. Machida will then perform your transformation, using his years of experience and expertise. His experienced staff will then skillfully guide your recovery with a sense of utmost care.

Brian K. Machida, MD, FACS
Located in the Heart of Inland Empire

Restored Faces…Transformed Lives. Excellence, experience, caring, professionalism, and amazing results are all part of the experience you’ll receive as part of your incredible experience at STC Plastic Surgery

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