The Experience Advantage Available to Facelift and Facial Plastic Surgery Patients in Inland Empire

Everyone contemplating a facelift or other facial plastic surgery in Inland Empire or anywhere else wants a great new look.  You may or may not realize it, but the surgeons who consistently get the best results are not necessarily the most expensive.  They’re not always members of prestigious plastic surgery practices. Most of the time, the facial plastic or plastic surgeons whose patients are happiest with their procedures are those with the greatest experience in facial plastic surgery.  And the doctors whose names or practices are most familiar may not have the experience in your procedure that you need.

Research at top universities like Stanford has revealed again and again that the best outcomes in certain procedures are achieved by surgeons who have performed those procedures again and again.  Surgeons with less experience in those particular operations were more likely to deliver poorer results or even expose their patients to serious complications.

Now, most of the procedures studied by these researchers were major operations where the life or health of the patient could depend on the outcome.  And though a poor quality facelift, nose job or eyelid plastic surgery procedure won’t cost you your life, it can make a big impact on you. Many studies have linked appearance to self-esteem, as well as success on the job and happiness in life.  So, if you’re looking for better looks, you’ll want to consider the experience your surgeon has in the specific procedure you need.

Why Experience in Facial Plastic Surgery is so Important

It’s true that a few plastic surgeons are so remarkably talented that they achieve outstanding outcomes even when performing procedures in which they don’t have a great deal of experience.  That’s very rare. Like basketball and football stars, most facial plastic and plastic surgeons need lots of practice. The renowned Dr. Malcolm Paul, Past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said:

Becoming really good at Cosmetic Surgery does not come from performing 100 different operations once.  Rather, real skill in Cosmetic Surgery comes from performing a variation of one operation hundreds of times.

Dr. Paul knows what he’s talking about.  Performing the same or similar procedures over and over again allows plastic and facial plastic surgeons to observe which techniques get the best results with different kinds of patients.  They experience firsthand the difficulties that can present themselves during procedures. They develop the ability to overcome them effectively. Experience allows your facial plastic or plastic surgeon to perform high-quality procedures despite challenges that arise.  They’ve successfully dealt with all kinds of issues during surgery many times and know just what to do.

Experience Provides an Added Benefit in Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons who work on the entire body usually perform 15-20 facelifts per year, according to industry statistics.  Most will perform about 500 facelifts in a 30 year career. Here’s where facial plastic surgeons have an edge. For example, when it comes to surgery, I concentrate on the face and neck.  And because I worked for a large facial plastic surgery practice, I’ve performed approximately 4,000 face and neck surgeries – more than 3,000 facelifts, neck lifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) procedures.

Exceptional Experience Provides an Added Bonus for Facial Plastic Surgery Patients

When it comes to specific procedures, Dr. John Birkmeyer, Chief Academic Officer at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System said:

There are usually one or two or three surgeons who are recognized as go-to doctors.  But there’s this tail of other surgeons who do only a few a year.

There’s a good reason that a few surgeons are recognized as “go-to doctors” for certain procedures:  There are some things you just can’t learn by reading a textbook. Surgeons with very high levels of experience can adjust your procedures to your specific anatomy and condition.  This allows us to customize your facelift, blepharoplasty or neck lift procedure exactly for you. Everyone’s features as well as skin and muscle condition are a little different. A surgeon with less experience may need to perform pretty much the same facelift, neck lift or blepharoplasty procedure on all their patients.  Surgeons with exceptional levels of experience can customize your procedure so that your results will look best on you.

One more thing:  the large facial plastic surgery practice where I performed many face and neck procedures pioneered doing these procedures under local anesthetics and oral sedation.  According to experts, this is “the safest method available.” So, at STC Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident about any facial plastic surgery procedure you receive.  If you want the best facelift, neck lift or blepharoplasty in Inland Empire or anywhere else, work with a highly experienced facial plastic surgeon. It’s worth the effort to find one.