What Will My Neck Lift Scars Look Like After Healing?


Don’t let the fear of scars keep you from the neck rejuvenation procedure you desire. Most cosmetic procedures require incisions, and incisions can lead to scars. But scars from plastic surgery aren’t the same as scars caused by a cut or injury. In plastic surgery, incisions are carefully placed and closed to minimize visible scarring after your procedure. 

What will your scars look like after a neck lift? We’ll tell you what to expect below. For personalized advice and information, contact our office at (800) 303-9541 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian Machida.

What Happens During a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is performed to tighten loose, sagging skin on the neck and under the jaw. Platysmal banding, or vertical neck bands, can also be addressed during this procedure. 

During a neck lift, small incisions are made in carefully placed locations. Excess skin and fat are removed and neck bands are tightened. Dr. Machida carefully repositions tissues to ensure a smooth and natural-looking result. 

At STC Plastic Surgery, we use local anesthesia for neck lift surgeries. This reduces downtime and minimizes the chances of post-surgery nausea and complications.

Where Are Neck Lift Incisions Placed?

Your neck lift incisions will be placed behind the ears and under the chin. This clever placement hides the appearance of scars. Beautiful results without visible scars!

Our Best Tips for Minimizing Scarring After Neck Lift Surgery

Most of our patients are delighted by the appearance of their neck after surgery. Careful incision placement and precise surgical technique ensure that your scars will be hard to spot after surgery. Scarring after a neck lift is minimal, but there are things you can do to keep any scarring that does occur to a minimum. 

  • Keep Fresh Incisions Out of the Sun- Your scars hate the sun. When fresh incisions are exposed to too much sunlight, they can permanently darken and become more visible. Sunscreen is your post-surgery secret weapon. 
  • Follow Recovery Instructions- Dr. Machida will provide detailed recovery instructions. Follow these closely, as they are designed to help you heal quickly. Smoking or resuming strenuous activities too soon can slow healing and lead to additional scarring. 
  • Talk with Us- If scarring develops, you have options. Talk with us about your scars if you’re concerned. Most of our patients are delighted by their post-neck lift appearance.

Skip the Scars with Our Renuvion Neck Lift

If scarring is a big concern, but you still want to rejuvenate, try our less invasive plasma neck lift. This treatment combines liposuction with plasma technology for a minimally invasive lift. Incisions are smaller than traditional face and neck lift incisions. And, downtime is shorter than a surgical lift, typically only a few days. 

Contact us to schedule your neck lift consultation at STC Plastic Surgery, located in the Inland Empire. Discover what options are available to you to give you back your youthful appearance.